By Lois Miszner

I started writing this on Monday and at that particular time it was snowing a good deal and it made me not want to write while it was storming. So I put it away and picked it up after we got through playing bingo on Tuesday, and guess what? The sun is shining.

Tuesday after our noon meal, we gathered in the dining room for our weekly bingo game. We were a little short of help, but everybody got to work and we had the game finished and enjoyed some good chocolate chip cookies for a snack afterwards.

We are heading into the Easter season so it is time to start counting and putting the Easter eggs together for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. After last season’s hunt, the empty plastic eggs  were stored in a huge plastic container. They were not put together, so it is our job now to fill them with candy and then put them together in preparation for the hunt on March 23rd.

We are looking forward to a visit from the second graders later this week, if the weather stays good. I am sure they will be getting excited about Easter. I know I look forward to it.

Pastor Couch was here for a church service this past Thursday morning, which we enjoyed very much. Most of us don’t get to attend a church service on Sunday, so the LPC Ministerial Association provides us with one each week. We do thank them very much.

We have been having extra exercise programs. One day we had kick ball to help us move various muscles so we are able to move around and not get stiff.

There is always something to keep us busy and we thank those who provide games, whether it be cards, dominoes or other board games.We do appreciate it.

We invite the public to come up and visit!