By Lois Miszner

So far it has been a pretty nice day for Easter Sunday. I am penning this after our Easter noon meal. We did have a very heavy fog over our area earlier this morning but it has lifted. I think those who are traveling will have great going.

The Easter Egg Hunt is over. There were a lot people on these grounds searching for eggs. Mamas, papas, grandmas and grandpas helped add to the crowd. And many children, little ones, medium sized ones and grown ones were also looking for those eggs, especially for the ones with prize slips inside. Of course the other eggs were filled with candy and gum. It was a great success.

This week here at the home has been busy. We had bowling on Monday. Several residents who are men have joined the women who bowl to try their skill at rolling the ball down the alley. They found out it is tougher than it looks, but all had fun trying.

We have a new way of getting exercise with Mrs. Sharp, as she leads us in “Sit and Dance.” So many cannot walk or stand, so she has had the class sitting and at the same time doing a routine moving our arms and legs to music. It sure gets movement to us, helping our limbs stay more flexible.

We also had Bill Quibell here as a guest this past week and he brought his guitar and sang popular and other songs for an hour. We enjoy music and look forward to individuals and groups playing for us.

In closing, I would like to express my thanks to the residents and staff of the home who helped me celebrate my 94th birthday. Many thanks for the cards and good wishes; it was a great day!