By Lois Miszner

I’m writing this on Monday evening and I just got through playing Banana Bingo. It is a lot of fun, and beside if you win (and everybody does) you get a nice, fresh banana at breakfast the next morning. One cannot resist that, can one? Also, when we are through playing and the equipment is back in place, Allison serves us all an ice cream treat like floats or sundaes. You can’t beat that.

It looks a little like spring the past few days. I have noticed the lawn area beginning to look much greener. If the sun would come out, in time the lawns would be several inches high and we would hear people talking about having to mow. I remember when we had a very late spring freeze last year; one that caused the apple blossoms to freeze, resulting in a very small apple crop in this area. Let us hope we don’t have that happen this year.

Activities this week include a church service, provided by Pastor Fuson. He brought us a service and his wife played hymns on the piano which the residents sang to and was enjoyed by a good group. We do appreciate the Ministerial Association sharing their time and attention with us.

We are looking for warm weather and nice days so we can sit out on the patio and enjoy the summer days.

Oh yes, we have been bowling (Wii game) on Monday afternoons but nothing exciting has happened recently. I don’t think we are quite ready to compete with any other leagues, but we’ll keep trying. I will bring you a report if any good prospects.

Enjoy the week ahead!