By Lois Miszner

As of this writing, it is March 27, 2013, meaning more than half of March is gone. In fact, only about four days remain in the month.

My birthday came so fast and it is over for this year. I want to express my thanks in a very big way for remembering me so many ways. I received so many cards, telephone calls and personal greetings that it would take many sheets of this table to say or write “Thank You.” I do so appreciate receiving each and every one.

The Easter Egg Hunt went over real good. There was a good crowd tromping over the lawn here at the home and it did not take long for the eggs to be found. I did not go outside to watch the children, but viewed it very well from the front windows of the home. It was a good success! The empty egg shells are now put away for another year. Thanks to all who helped in any way.

We have had the second grade classes visit us. One group was here a week or so ago and one came yesterday morning. At the first ones’ visit we made the flower base to plant some flower seeds on. They were to take them home and put in a flower pot and water them and soon they would have some flower seedlings. In time, they could plant them in an outdoor flower bed.

Time is closing in that school will be out for the summer. Soon it will be time for the annual banquets and then graduation. Will catch up on that in another week. Hope you had a Happy Easter!