By Lois Miszner

Can you believe we are in the month of July? It just seems to me that the old saying, “Time waits for no man” is truly true. Someone told me that the older one gets, time doesn’t mean a thing.

We’ve had some nice days so we take advantage of them and soak up a lot of sunshine. The farmers are also taking advantage of the sunshine and cutting hay and putting it away for winter.

This Monday we bowled and we had a good crowd to watch. I believe there were nine players. We enjoyed time in the summer breezes on the patio which was windier than usual. It was very refreshing and good for our bodies as well.

We finally finished our 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. It is beautiful. We will soon have another one in the works.

We had a nice crowd last Sunday for the ice cream social. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked and set it up for our residents and their guests. Come join us on Sunday afternoon and enjoy a cool dish of ice cream with your friends and relatives.

I must thank Allison and her volunteers for the beautiful flowers blooming on the grounds surrounding our home. The lilies, of which there are several varieties blooming right now, are gorgeous and I know a lot more will appear later. We do so enjoy them.

We hope all Americans had a good 4th of July and have fun the rest of the summer.  Summer will fly by, so enjoy every day!