By Lois Miszner

At this time it is spitting rain and the weather  lady on TV tells us in will continue raining on and off for most of the day. However, we do like the showers as our lawns and fields look good and prospects look good for the crops and hay for the livestock that are in the area.

We had bowling on Monday but nothing spectacular took place. We will try again next week.

We are very proud of the our flowers in the circle beds. We had several residents receive Easter lilies a year ago which were planted last fall. We were hoping they wouldn’t be killed by the cold winter and they came up this spring and this past week several of the plants burst forth with beautiful white blossoms. Allison cut three or four stems and we have been enjoying them in the dining room. They are beautiful and the aroma is quite strong.

We are hoping there will be plenty of apples this year so we can enjoy apple sauce and other dishes made with home grown apples.

County fairs are gearing up for later this month and then the Iowa State Fair in August. The 4-H clubs and FFA kids are probably busy getting their projects in shape and ready to show; the summer is going by fast!