By Lois Miszner

A lot of games and excitement keep us busy up here on the hill at La Porte City Nursing and Rehab Center (“The Lodge”). This week we had Wii bowling and enjoyed it very much. Several men have started taking part, so the scores were much higher. It does give us good exercise.

On Sunday Elaine Lee held her piano recital here at The Lodge. It was very interesting. Several young girls took turns at the piano and played enjoyable pieces. Thanks Elaine for sharing their talents with us. We do hope you come again to visit. Most of us like music and some residents told how they had taken lessons but did not carry it through (I for one). It does take lots of practice.

Later on Sunday afternoon we had Cowboy Jim present a lot of western songs for us. He also brought along his stuffed animals and that kept our attention and entertained us for quite awhile.

We have had lots of rain on the gardens so they are beginning to show growth. Our perennial flowers are starting to make lots of color in their spot, which is not far from the building so it is easy for us to see.

Our trees are well leafed out too, and provide good shade for residents wanting to sit out on the patio. Speaking of the patio, I want to mention that about once a week, weather permitting, one table of residents is able to eat their noon meal on the patio under the canopy and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Several days ago my table of five enjoyed such an occasion. It is a great treat and we all look forward to our time to that event.