By Lois Miszner

Weatherwise, we have had a very nice week with lots of sunshine, some rain and rather cool, making for nice days in general. There has been some threatening of showers, but only sprinkles arriving. Some of the residents took advantage of the beautiful days and have sat under the canopy outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. I like the sunshine so I took in all I could.

We had some friends of the residents visit us with a group of youngsters one afternoon and they brought a lot of toy musical instruments. We had a great time playing, then making music, but mostly noise. But it was fun and we enjoyed the kids making noise with us.

We have serveral card parties going on. There is a group that enjoys playing cribbage and then another that plays pepper and still another plays Skipbo. And there is always a jigsaw puzzle on the table for residents and guests to put together. We just finished a 750 piece one and now have a 500 piece partially finished.

Our flowers are starting to burst with color and adds interest to our yard. I notice the lemon lilies have a lot of buds, but so far only one flower has opened. Probably in a week or two it will be full of yellow flowers. Others are beginning to show buds too. The tomato plants are starting to show growth and look good in their cages. Our lawn is nice and green and has been mowed several times recently. Spring is a great time of  year.

I notice the bulletin board shows several different musical programs are planned. We are always busy, but look forward to visits from friends and family – stop in any time!