By Lois Miszner

It really has been a great day when you get a call from a stranger letting you know that one of our balloons was found in Alabama! It was one of the balloons let go on Mother’s Day from La Porte City Nursing & Rehab Center. That makes a total of three that have been reported found.

Monday we bowled but nothing spectacular happened, but we do enjoy our game and it does give us needed exercise.

We sure are getting a lot of rain. Someone told me we should have had half of this last fall, but you know we can’t rule the weather.

They have some of the garden planted here. One can row (see) the radishes and the tomato plants have withstood the elements pretty good. The perennial flower bed is coming along fine too. We can see buds on some of the plants, so soon it will be pretty. The large flower boxes on the patio are beginning to show lots of color.

One day last week we made a rhubarb snack called Pam’s Amazing Rhubarb Mules. When it was finished we who helped make it got a sample and we found it very good and tasty.

Last week our church service was presented by Pastor Christie John from Geneseo United Methodist Church. Lianne Sharp served as pianist.

Another musical entertainer this past week was Warren Kruse providing karaoke. We do love music and welcome any musicians who will share their talent with us.

That’s all for this week. Have a good day and enjoy summer!