By Lois Miszner

I don’t think Mother Nature can make up her mind as to when spring should arrive. Sunday was rather chilly, but every once in a while the sun poked through the clouds. I guess that is Iowa weather for you.

There have been a few early spring flowers brought in. Ardie brought me a few grape hyacinths to brighten my room. They are so pretty and have a sweet odor and I love them.

I imagine some of the farmers are getting a little nervous about the weather. I’m sure it will straighten out sooner or later, and they will get those corn and bean seeds in the ground.

As usual, activities went along as planned here at the Center last week. We have had several of our employees have new babies, so a baby shower was held for the new arrivals who were each presented with a handmade quilt as a gift. Lunch was served to those who attended.

One evening this past week we were entertained by a lady magician. She was very clever making animals and other creatures out of long balloons. The residents watched and enjoyed her antics very much. I think every one enjoyed her rendition of a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a rider. She was real creative and each one present received some type of balloon art for his or her attendance.

There is never a dull moment around here. We play cards and table games and welcome anyone who would enjoy an afternoon with us playing games. We are also looking forward to the second graders coming for a visit before school is out for the summer. They bring us much enjoyment too.