By Lois Miszner

We’re hoping Mother Nature turns off the cold air and rainy weather. In fact, these last couple of days have been ideal and we’re all anxious for warmer weather.

We have been real busy here on the hill. We had our May birthday party and celebrated resident’s birthdays which occur this month. We all enjoyed ice cream and cake, and each birthday boy or girl received a gift.

On Monday of this past week we took advantage of the sunshine and warm weather and spent a while on the patio. We have a new cover for the gazebo to shade us from the hot sun and enjoyed the fresh air. We are looking for more of those perfect kind of days.

Our church service this week was brought to us by Rev. Richardson from La Porte City’s Heartland Community Church. Mrs. Liane Sharp accompanied on the piano for hymn singing which we enjoyed very much.

We’re starting to think about gardening and I see the flower and garden spaces being cleaned out and a lot of flower bushes and plants are showing green leaves finally. They love the warm air and sunshine as much as we do, and it cannot be long before we can be in the garden too.

In our free time we like to play all kinds of games and visit – do stop in if you have a bit of time and see us!