By Lois Miszner

We have had a big change in our springtime weather, haven’t we? The lawns and other green acres are really looking nice. It is a great change and we do thank our Maker for it. I understand a lot corn has been planted in the last couple of days.

This has been a busy week with the celebration of Mother’s Day. Some of our residents had the privilege of visiting their family away from the care center and others had the privilege of having their families visit them here. It was great to see get-togethers, wherever they occurred.

The Bright Eagles 4-H Club met in our dining room and made carnation corsages for each of us ladies to wear on Mother’s Day. Thank you to club leaders Janice Heth and Rick Krug for bringing this special project for us to enjoy. We hope all the mothers had a good day!

Several had the pleasure of taking a tram ride on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail courtesy of Mr. Leon Lindley, park ranger at McFarlane Park. He picked residents up at the Center and we traveled on the trail over the new bridges over the Cedar River. It was rather cool but most of us were prepared and had warm jackets and coats, plus some had head gear. It was a good ride. We saw a lot of blooming wild flowers, such as violets, sweet William, blue bells and wild strawberry plants.

After we arrived home we were treated to watermelon. A fun time occurred when a watermelon seed spitting contest took place. There was lots of wind and some of the seeds went as far as eight feet! We also were given inflated balloons and when given the cue we all let go and they flew up high out of sight. On Tuesday we received word that one balloon was found in northern Illinois. It was a great day!