By Lois Miszner

It seems we remain having many activities on the Hill about every day. With school soon closing for the summer months, kids are busy also. Last week we entertained the second graders to ice cream during their last visit of the year.

We have heard from the finders of the second balloon we launched on Mother’s Day. This one also landed in northern Illinois. The wind must have been in the west to drive it east. The people that found it said it was in good shape, still inflated and no damage to it.

We sure had a heavy rain during the past week. Hope the farmers can wrap up planting soon.

Our entertainment this week consisted of the Stickford and Smid families from Dunkerton performing. The whole family was involved and played several different instruments: keyboards, guitars, etc. They were great and all members took part playing and singing, from mom and dad to all the kids. They have visited here before and we do so enjoy them.

Some of the garden has been planted and looks good. I can hardly wait until the radishes are ready for the table.

Our perennial flower bed is beginning to show color, so it should make a nice burst of color as the summer progresses.

The flowers and plants the residents received for Mother’s Day have been very beautiful. There were some plants that can be planted around here that we will keep enjoying.

We look forward to visitors so come see what we are up to and visit.

June 1st is just around the corner and it soon will be time for the town celebration.