By Lois Miszner

Hello from the hill! It was Prom week and last Saturday evening a group of the celebrants came to the home and had their beautiful, colorful gowns on to show the residents what they were wearing for the occasion. They were absolutely beautiful. The dresses were in many colors and of gorgeous material. Many had wonderful hairdos and many wore arm corsages that coordinated with their gown. Most of the boys wore dark suits but one boy was dressed in white. They were all dressed for the festivities and thanks so much for coming.

Other entertainment for the home’s residents was a musical group called the “Atomic Fireballs.” They played their string instruments, mostly consisting of western tunes which our group enjoys very much. We do so enjoy the various kinds of music.

The second grade class from La Porte City Elementary School and their teachers called on us this week too. The students made paper windmills, which they colored very prettily and then their teacher put the finished product on a pencil. At the end of their visit the group marched around the room at a high rate of speed and the windmills moved at a face pace, making a pretty sight for us to watch. School will soon be ending and we will miss their visits. It has been a pleasure to have them with us.

I thank the subscribers who have told me they appreciate the column and for their keeping tabs on us here at La Porte City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. We do enjoy company – stop in and visit!