By Lois Miszner

We are getting quite a lot of snow, making more moisture for our soil! Rain would have been better maybe, but as dry as the dirt is, I think we should be satisfied with the snow. There is a lot of moisture in this snowfall. Allison went out to see if there was and came back with a snowball to prove it. That snowball was passed around and it didn’t take long for it to turn to water.

We had bowling Monday and a good group of players turned out. Not any spectacular plays, but we got exercise and had fun.

For about an hour each morning a group of us fold the bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths which are then distributed to the rooms and linen closets. We also fold the table napkins and ready them to be placed on the tables at each meal. This too is good exercise and helps the kitchen staff.

Pastor Fuson came this past Thursday for our weekly church service. We appreciate the clergy taking time to bring us a message once a week.

Other people who entertained us with music was Darla Hilmer, who plays the organ. She is one of several organ/piano players that come at various times and we do appreciate it. I see by the schedule we will have “Sit and Dance” one afternoon. We enjoy the music and exercise our bones and muscles.

The second graders are scheduled to visit us again, if the weather cooperates. They are a good group of kids and we enjoy them coming and sharing with us.

We do have a good home “On the Hill!”