Print and share digital family photos

Smartphones and digital cameras have compelled many people to take up photography. But digital photos are often snapped and never seen again, or posted on social media and then forgotten.

People who want to make more of their digital photos can preserve their favorite moments by tackling photo projects, such as having photos printed for posterity, in a timely manner. Today’s photo processing apps and services mean tech savvy (and tech not-so-savvy) people can create beautiful photo products on home computers, at digital kiosks or even on mobile devices.

One advantage to printing photos is that families will have tangible pictures to view and share. Uploading photos to a service such as Snapfish or Shutterfly also serves as a way to back up prized images.

The following are a handful of ways to use photos to prolong special memories.

Create photo books. Photo books are a fun way to preserve cherished memories. Such books save people the time it takes to manually put prints into a photo album or scrapbook. Software can allow people to auto-fill layouts, add text and embellish photos with graphics.

Make canvas wall hangings. Families can make their homes look like art galleries by making canvas prints. These products can be produced in various sizes and will look like fine pieces of artwork when the project is completed.

Explore removable photo squares. One of the latest advancements in photo printing is adhesive photo squares that can be removed and then repositioned as needed. Squares come in various sizes, but 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 are common measurements. These work well for people who do not want to damage their walls or those who live in apartments and cannot put holes in the walls.

Turning digital photo files into actual prints can help preserve memories.