Union Middle School Band students were recently recognized for their achievements during the 2015-16 school year. Throughout the year, students are awarded outstanding achievement points for doing the things that help them improve, enjoy success playing their instruments and contributing to the success of the school’s band program.
Like the Olympics, there are three levels students can achieve, based on the number of points they earn- Gold, Silver and Bronze. The award is not easy to achieve, as it is based more on effort and working to achieve one’s highest potential than on sheer talent.
Special recognition was also given to three students who passed 100 lesson book songs during the school year. While the average number of lesson book songs band students at the Middle School pass is about 40, Aubrey Schmidt and Alexa Weber were recognized for passing 100. One student, Tristen Prouse, earned the 200 award for passing 200 lesson book songs.

2015-16 Union Middle School Band Awards
6th Grade Bronze: David Adams, Grant Behrens, Cheyenne Loeb, Danny Petersen, Seth Petersen
6th Grade Silver: Kaylyn Davis, Jocelyn Gates, Alana Higgins, Cora Klein, Michael Niebergall, Zian Seuser
6th Grade Gold: Hailey Armstrong, Mae Deaton, Haven Ellsworth, Gabe Hanson, Elle Hookham, Emma Jenkins, Gabriel Jesse, Alexis Nosko, Belle Olson, Tristen Prouse, Ellie Rathe, Gracie Rathe, Laura Rempe, Christian Ryan, Josef Schmitz, Haylee Sparks, Carlie Spore, Alexa Weber, Josie Werner
7th Grade Bronze: Danny Caruso-Winslow, Cade Shepard, Breanna Soard
7th Grade Silver: Ellie Behrens, Michael Frisbie, Tristen Heth, Alex Johnston, Clayton Loeb, Breanna Weltzin
7th Grade Gold: Marcus Albertsen, Sydney Bucknell, Emma Deaton, Tyson Fleshner, Alex Hall, Jacob Hill, Grace Johnson, Sterling Mullen, Kylea Neuendorf, Sarah Roberts, Alina Rodriguez, Rylee Sash, Ella Smith, Belle Weber, Savannah Williams
8th Grade Bronze: Emma Carlson
8th Grade Silver: Rhett Peters, Kendall Putz, Piper Wiedenhoff
8th Grade Gold: Jon Bronner, Riley Davis, Rachel Hellman, Carlie Hoppe, Maddy Jantzen, Leah Kaufman, Rachel Kline, Rebekah Leipold, Ivy McKinley, Molly Niebergall, Teagan Prouse, Garrett Rottinghaus, Aubrey Schmidt, Parker Wilson, Lillie Wrobel
Jazz Band Awards: 7th grade: Marcus Albertsen, Emma Deaton, Tyson Fleshner, Michael Frisbie, Alex Hall, Tristen Heth, Jacob Hill, Alex Johnston, Sterling Mullen, Kylea Neuendorf, Sarah Roberts, Alina Rodriguez, Ella Smith, Savannah Williams. 8th grade: Jon Bronner, Carlie Hoppe, Rebekah Leipold, Teagan Prouse, Garrett Rottinghaus, Parker Wilson, and Lillie Wrobel.