When the City of La Porte City’s reconstruction of Main Street begins in 2020, what will happen to all of the old bricks removed from the main Street surface? The answer to that question is to give area residents and businesses the first opportunity to purchase them. The City currently has several hundred bricks that have been removed from Main Street over the years in storage that will be offered at a cost of one dollar per brick.

Want to own a piece of Main Street? Interested parties may submit their name, contact information and the number of bricks they wish to purchase to City Hall, 202 Main Street, La Porte City, IA 50651. You may also call 319-342-3396 or send email lpcclerk@lpctel.net. Online orders may be placed online below using the brick reservation form. Payment for the bricks will only be accepted when buyers pick them up. Deadline for brick orders is Friday, October 18, 2019.

Please note: Should orders for the number of bricks exceed the current inventory in storage, some buyers may have to wait until the project begins next Spring before claiming their order. Proceeds from the City’s sale of Main Street bricks will benefit the Main Street Reconstruction Project.

Reserve Main Street Bricks
Use this form to reserve old bricks removed from La Porte City's Main Street as part of the Main Street Reconstruction Project. Cost is $1 per brick, payable when the bricks are picked up. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone when the bricks are ready for pickup. Depending on the number of reservations received, bricks may not be available until sometime next year (2020). Reservations for bricks will be accepted until Friday, October  18, 2019. Proceeds from the sale of bricks will benefit the Main Street Reconstruction Project.
Please indicate the number of old Main Street bricks you would like to reserve (cost will be $1 per brick).
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