Filled with Optimism

It is the beginning of a new day, the countryside has had fresh snow, and I am clearing passages through this trackless overlay. It is a delightful winter morning. There is an eerie glow due to heavy fog. Hoarfrost has enveloped all things in a shroud of frosty, fussy, white. The land is covered with a bulky layer of undisturbed snow, while everything else has a white icing of frost. Even the spider webs under the eaves hang like a necklace of white pearls. As the sun begins breaching the fog, the trees take on an artificial look, like a frosted Christmas tree with sparkly glittering tinsel. As the sun fully exerts itself, the frost begins to fall like snow and I find myself in a freshly shaken snow globe. It is an extraordinary day to be abroad. The world is newly decorated and waiting to be explored.
We are at a dawning of a new year. The old year was troubling. It was a year of war, economic chaos, high unemployment, dysfunctional government and a divided people. Little was done to address significant environmental problems; global warming, overpopulation, (land, forest, and water degradation), dwindling natural resources, and significant species extinctions. Times were hard, people looked inward. The focus was short term, jobs and taxes. People seemed to focus more on their own good instead of the greater good. Consideration of the long term health of our planet seemed abandoned. Our leaders seemed worried most about being re-elected, a constant battle between those on the right versus those on the left. Sounds pretty gloomy, does it not? Well yes, it can be gloomy. But on the other hand, optimism can also be found.
My optimism resides in nature’s sorcery. The timeless cycles of the seasons, the noble and  ceaseless rhythms of life. Optimism lies in the surprising discovery of nature’s intertwining relationships and its relentless determination to survive. Optimism, for me, dwells with the first sighting of a bluebird in the spring, or a family of juvenile owls lined up on a limb, a Cecropia moth on the trunk of a tree, a turtle laying its eggs in sandy soil, or the sea of colors that wave, courtesy of the prairie wind.
Get out and indulge in nature, no matter what the season. I guarantee you, nature will keep you grounded in what is important, with the side benefit of offering a deep well of optimism for the future.