By Lucian Rockhold

Art. What’s it good for? Emma Sebetka, a local artist at Union High School, can tell you what it means to her and much more. Sebetka, a junior, is an artist at Union, who enjoys spending her free time drawing people and patterns with her pencil and paper. Her inspiration?

“I guess my inspiration for it [art], was boredom. Because during class I would draw stuff, then I liked it a lot. So I started doing it at home and then eventually I got really good at drawing people. Now there are faces all over my paper.”

An artist at heart, Sebetka enjoys the traditional pencil and paper method because it requires the least amount of materials. Sebetka also uses different ways of doing her art, like stippling. Which is a method of shading in a picture that uses tiny dots. Which she learned not only in art class, but in another class called Academic Decathlon (ACDC), where she and her team made it to nationals in Frisco, Texas. Through her learning in classes, she eventually found her overall reason for doing art.

“I do it [art] because it is fun to make something when there was previously nothing. Like it was a blank page, but now you have made this thing that you can be proud of. That just came out of your brain,” Sebetka said.
Sebetka has created many different pieces of art throughout her history at Union, be it doodles on her paper or a painting in art class. Her favorite art piece was a painting in the class Creative Design. The painting she described was a humongous octopus and submarine, but that’s not the main reason she liked it.

“It was something that I never tried before and it turned out well and it inspired me to try painting more,” Sebetka said.

Sebetka also is interested in making stories for her art pieces, like drawing characters from a Sci-Fi story that she and her friend have been making in their heads. While nothing has come out from her story-wise yet, she is making plans for a comic book on the Internet. Yet, she needs help with her art from time to time and her advice for aspiring artist actually came from her brother, originally.

“I will repeat my brother’s own advice and that is to just draw. You can’t just start out doing a good job, you just have to start drawing stuff. Or paint or sculpt stuff. Cause otherwise you can’t just have to high of expectations because you’ll be disappointed,” Sebetka said.

It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Sebetka believes that the people looking at her art have a better perspective. They don’t see the process she went through and the mistakes that were erased. Sebetka sees the whole process of her artwork.