By Tessa Pearson

Libby Sauer doesn’t let anyone stop her when it comes to her art. She is always inspired by everything around her.

Sauer is a senior at Union High School. She has lived in La Porte City her entire life. She is involved in speech, Academic Decathlon (ACDC) and the fall play. She loves art and says it is one of her favorite things to do; she loves how she can express herself through her art form. Sauer has many favorite different forms of art and many favorite different art classes.
“By the end of this year I will have taken all of the art classes available, and my favorite is either Ceramics, or Art Foundations. I’m in Ceramics right now and I really like it, but then again, Art Foundations is where it all started. If I would have never taken Art Foundations, I would have never met the teacher and I would have never gotten interested. I like Ceramics because it’s easy to fix if you mess it up. If you mess up the painting part of it, you can just scrape it off or wash it off with water, and with paper you can’t do that,” Sauer said.

Sauer said that one of her favorite art pieces was inspired by her grandma, a person whom she didn’t get to spend much time with. Sauer got information from her mother and made a ceramic art piece.

“My favorite was a memory vessel I made. I made it about my grandma, who I didn’t really get to know because she died when I was six months old, so I gathered information about her from my mom, and made this memory thing. It had a stack of books because she loved books and reading, and then there was also a wooden spoon because she loved cooking. I also had fake little flowers and glitter on it, and it really meant a lot to me and especially my mom,” Sauer said.

She displays this piece in her room on her floor to ceiling shelves. She said her mom and sister also have art displayed on it as well.

“I have floor to ceiling bookshelves in my room and there is a shelf that’s on the top that just goes all the way around and my big sisters art is up there and some of my mom’s art from art classes are up there, so I put mine up there too,” Sauer said.

Sauer loves art and it is one of her passions aside from crocheting, which she does all the time, even during classes. She said that art is one of her favorite things to do in her free time and she would do it all the time if she could.