By Keegan Block

Nick North is 17 years old and is a sophomore at Union High School. Nick is part of the art program here at Union and loves to create art, especially the comics. If you don’t know, Nick likes to play sports, cook, play video games and create his comic strips.

“Take art classes and see someone else do it and think, sure why not.” North said. North seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He sounded like he was really passionate about art and enjoyed talking about how someone could get into art.

North discussed his approach to art and how to get better at it.
“Lots of practice, may take a little bit of time to make little adjustments, but those little baby steps come a long way.” “As for anything, those little baby steps do come a long way and it will show once you start taking the time to make those improvements and start putting in the effort to do so,” North said.

North’s kind of art is really unique. He makes his own comic strips and draws all of his characters that fit in with his comics. North started making his comics in first grade and is still telling stories with his art. In art class he learned how to make his comics even better. He has his own comic called “Monkey Squadron.”

“I never thought to put fur on my characters, I actually learned how to make them look like monkeys,” North said.

Why did North get into art? “I thought it would be fun and I thought I would give it a twirl,” North said. It looks like North is still having fun with it.