By Brayden Grosse

When close your eyes and imagine “art” what do you see? Is it a painting, a drawing or a sculpture? These are all good visuals, but there is much more to art than that. Riley Rosauer is an artist at Union. She shares what art means to her, and it is more than what people might see.

Rosauer has been taking art classes since elementary and has always enjoyed them, but she says high school has definitely been the best experience for her. If she could give any advice to middle school artists for when they transition to the high school it would be that they should take a lot of art classes.

“Take all the art classes you can. They are very fun,” Rosauer said. She also mentioned that they are stress-free.

Art classes allow Rosauer to put her thoughts on paper. Instead of words though, she uses images through her art. Art also allows her to express her feelings and show off her creativity. Her favorite piece of art was the cover of her work book. She described it as a unique piece that she thought of off the top of her head, and it ended up coming together and looking good. Art has helped her explore a different side of her personality she didn’t know she had.

“I’ve learned that I have an abstract personality,” Rosauer said. This means that she can think differently than others about deeper meanings of her art, or the bigger picture.

Rosauer has also learned many skills as an artist. These skills included blending colors, sculpting clay, and even patience. Most people have an inspiration for their art and Rosauer’s is unique.

“My inspiration is photography. I turn pictures into art of my own. For example, I used a picture of a dog and turned it into an oil pastels art piece,” Rosauer said. This would be considered an art because she is converting the picture into work of her own.

After all the art classes she has taken at UHS, Pinterest Art was Rosauer’s favorite. She enjoys this class because of the freedom the students get. She hopes that more people will leave their comfort zone and be confident with how they express themselves through their art.