The Iowa Property Tax Credit Claims for Disabled and Senior Citizens and the Mobile Home Owner Application for Reduced Rate are to be filed with the county treasurer by June 1, according to Rita M. Schmidt, Black Hawk County Treasurer.  The credit will be applied to taxes due and payable in 2013-2014.

Iowa residents who were 65 or older or totally disabled and 18 or older on December 31, 2012 are eligible for a property tax credit if their total income, including Social Security, was less than $21,335

A claim for property tax credit may be filed, if your mobile home was assessed as real estate.

If your mobile home is subject to the annual tax based on square footage, you may be eligible to claim a reduced tax rate.  Iowa residents are eligible to claim a reduced tax rate if their 2012 household income was less than $21,335.00 and if they were 23 years of age or older as of December 31, 2012.

Questions may be directed to the county treasurer’s office at 833-3013.