Celebrate your milestone event by sharing the news with the community! Submitting a milestone event and photo for publication in The Progress Review is easy, safe and affordable, with obituaries costing $30 and all other milestone events just $15 each.

1. Use the form below to submit an article describing the milestone event you want published. If you’re not sure what to write, list the important details and we’ll write the article for you. To include a photo with your announcement, click on Choose File then navigate to the location of your photo to select it. For best results, send the highest quality image (maximum file size is 4 MB).When the form is complete, click on the Submit button. PLEASE NOTE: After clicking on Submit, there will be a brief delay while your photo uploads. The larger the photo file size, the longer the delay.

2. After the form is submitted, you’ll be transported to a page where you can remit payment by credit card or PayPal account. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO PUBLICATION.

PLEASE NOTE: Copyrighted photos cannot be published in The Progress Review without a signed release from the photographer. Please contact the photographer to obtain the necessary release.

The deadline for submitting milestone events is Friday, for publication in the following Wednesday’s edition of The Progress Review. Contact The Progress Review by phone (319-342-2429) or e-mail (news@theprogressreview.co) if you have any questions or need additional information about submitting a milestone event for publication. Thank you.

Publishing a Milestone Event in The Progress Review
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