La Porte City, Iowa: Population 2,285. On July 23rd, five times that number of people, many of them on bicycles, are expected to roll through the community as part of the 43rd edition of RAGBRAI.
Organizers of the event place great emphasis on the safety of its participants. That is why RAGBRAI works closely with the Iowa State Patrol when designing the route, keeping riders on low-traffic paved county and state highways whenever possible. Over the course of eight days, riders who complete the entire ride will visit 42 pass-through communities in addition to the eight cities hosting overnight activities.
To help ensure everyone’s safety, RAGBRAI provides support for participants from 6 AM – 6 PM each day along the route, including mobile emergency medical services. RAGBRAI also provides SAG wagon service that can assist riders who have broken down, transporting them (and their bike) to the nearest community.
As one of the pass-through communites on the 2015 route, La Porte City will see one of the largest influx of visitors in its history during an eight hour period of time on July 23. To help regulate traffic and accommodate the large number of bicycles rolling through town, barricades will be placed adjacent to the route to discourage motor vehicle traffic from mingling with bicycles whenever possible. La Porte City residents who live along the RAGBRAI route are advised that the combination of bicycle traffic and barricades will make travel in their neighborhoods difficult, at best.
Unfortunately, with a five mile stretch of U.S. Highway 218 part of the RAGBRAI route, bicycles and automobiles will have no choice but to coexist peacefully. Drivers should avoid U.S. Highway 218 south of La Porte City to the Mount Auburn turnoff (D-65) until after 2 PM on July 23rd.
Likewise, the five mile portion of County Hwy. D-65, Tama Road, from Dysart Road to La Porte City, is also part of the RAGBRAI route. While vehicle traffic will not be prohibited, drivers wiill find the going slow indeed during the morning and early afternoon hours.
Traffic is expected to thin out considerably in and around La Porte City by 2 PM, which is the designated shut-down time for all local RAGBRAI community events.
For the latest information about RAGBRAI activities in La Porte City, logon to or visit the Ride LPC 7-23 Facebook page.

PLEASE NOTE: Traffic in La Porte City on July 23, 2015 may be restricted beyond the areas shown on the map above.  Area residents would be wise to avoid driving near the RAGBRAI route between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM.

The following roads will be closed to motor vehicle traffic in La Porte City on July 23. As part of the official RAGBRAI route, there will also be NO PARKING allowed on these streets, as well:

• Tama Street

• Main Street
Oak St. to Sycamore St.

• Sycamore Street
Main St. to Bishop Ave.

• Bishop Avenue
Sycamore St. to Commercial St.

• Commercial Street
Includes all of U.S. Hwy 218 south of Main Street