With the City’s purchase of nearly two acres of land along Wolf Creek at 504 Tama Street completed last month, attention is now focused on the next steps associated with Phase I of La Porte City’s Wolf Creek Reclamation and Park Development Project. In November 2014, the City was awarded a $75,000 Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) grant for reclamation work along portions of Wolf Creek.
Phase I of the project involves stream bank reclamation along both sides of Wolf Creek, and the installation of one canoe/kayak access. The stream bank reclamation along Wolf Creek will include clearing, grubbing, excavation, rip-rap, and seeding. Part of the Wolf Creek Reclamation and Park Development Master Plan, total estimated costs of Phase I are nearly $115,000. Future phases include the establishment of a creekside park, a shelter and a day-lighted storm sewer bioswale on the newly acquired property, as well as bike trail rehabilitation and additional kayak/canoe landings in other areas along the creek.
The project looks to transform what has been a nondescript area into a valuable natural resource for La Porte City. The clearing of the creek banks and land acquisition will give residents and visitors a quality green space that can be enjoyed by all generations. Removing the overgrowth and installing riprap will help protect the creek bank and allow the creek to flow more freely through the area, which should help ease the potential for flooding.