By Scarlett Ellsworth

School lunches are supposed to provide balanced and fair nutrition to the youth, but what about those who are vegan or vegetarian? What happens to their nutritional needs? There is always the option of bringing lunch from home, but what about those who can’t bring food every day? What about those with special eating needs? Does the National School Lunch Program in Iowa need updating?

Audrey Kline, a local vegan student and Sophomore, said that she thinks school lunches are unfair to those who are vegetarian and really unfair to those who are vegan.

“Based on their standards they have to serve certain types of food and some people can’t even eat those certain types of food…For a regular person that isn’t vegetarian or vegan, school lunches probably do meet nutritional needs, but for those with allergies or special eating needs they are probably not getting the nutrition they need” Kline said.

As society advances, personal needs change, though the lunch staff tries their best to accommodate to student needs. Maybe the variety of food needs a change? Looking into the range of food that schools must serve, many students say they think there isn’t enough variety and that most of the provided meals don’t fill them up. So what about those who are in sports?

“People in sports just eat a lot of food.” Senior Levi Gray said.

Along with athletics, height and weight plays a major factor in the amount of food each individual person needs. Though there are required portion sizes, should there really be requirements when there are students who throw away most of their food? On the other hand, there are students who will go up for seconds or grab something from a la carte, which have been classified as small snacks.

“I would like to like to see us not to have to force you guys to take more food, or more fruit, or more vegetables if you guys are just going to throw them away. I would like to see food waste cut down.” kitchen staff member Julie Borton said.

As most of this is out of one’s control to change, maybe off campus eating should become a state school option. Human needs are changing, and not everyone is to be satisfied.