By Phyllis Harmon Peet

 The La Porte City High School Class of 1963 held its 50th reunion September 5-7, 2013. The activities that were participated in were having cookouts at the Ballheim residence on Thursday evening and Friday noon which included salmon caught and brought from Alaska, attending the Union vs. Aplington-Parkersburg exciting football game Friday evening, touring the FFA Museum Saturday morning, and having a delicious dinner at the newly decorated La Porte City Golf Club. There was also a foursome that played golf on Friday.

Of the 58 classmates contacted, a total of 37 attended some activity. Teacher Mr. Ron Borton attended the Thursday cookout and 3 additional teachers attended the dinner, Mr. Eldon Pyle, Mr. Ron Salmonson, and Miss Miller (Marilyn Fairchild). A wonderful fun time was had by all.