A band of outlaws have tried to disrupt Prince John and his cohorts’ evil plans. With the return of King Richard, it must be decided who is telling the truth . . . Robin Hood? Maid Marian? The Sheriff of Nottingham?

So sets the scene for the Union Drama Department’s Fall Play, “The Trials of Robin Hood,” which will be November 9th and 10th at Matt Auditorium at Union High School. The play, a comedy, focuses on the stories of three different individuals to discover which story is the truth. Audience participation at the end, decides which story is more believable.

“Having to learn three different endings to a show is something the actors and actresses have not done before,” said director Dean Bostian. “Having to be ready at a moment’s notice, once the audience has reached a decision, keeps them on their toes and ready for anything,” he added.

Leading the charge in this show are seniors Noah Damro (Robin Hood), Jasmine Hickok (Maid Marian), and Bradyn Abe (Sheriff).

“The group of seniors we have this year are amazing. Many of them have been with the program since their freshman year, and it is great to see how far they have come,” said Bostian.

Others seniors performing their final Fall Play are Gracie Hall, Tyler Barthelmes, Jon Bronner, Emma Harris, Tessa Pearson, Megan Van Hauen, and Gabe Hines.

“I also have four seniors (Maddy Bonner, Brisen Brodigan, Emma Hansen, and Hailey Bathen) who have been my backstage workers for the past years. I will miss them dearly,” quipped Bostian.

“The Trials of Robin Hood” will be performed at 7 PM on November 9th and 2 PM on November 10th. Admission will be $5, and activity passes will be accepted.