In conjunction with Earth Science Week, BMC Aggregates will be hosting Sunday at the Quarry on Sunday, October 8 from 11 AM-4 PM at Morgan Quarry, 4618 E. Donald Street in Waterloo.

This  FREE event is open to the public with this year’s theme, “Everyone Lives in a Watershed.”  Participants will have the opportunity to take a fun-filled educational  trip “Into the Pit” to learn the geology of the area, collect rocks, minerals and fossils that they can take home and enjoy programs, presentations and hands-on learning provided by the following groups: 

Black Hawk County Soil and Water Conservation Watershed Program, Black Hawk Gem and Mineral Club, Dry Run Creek Watershed Improvement Project, Iowa Flood Center, Iowa Geological Survey, Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Station, Middle Cedar River Watershed Management Authority, Miller Creek Water Quality Improvement Project, State Hygienic Lab, University of Northern Iowa Earth and Environmental Science, University of Iowa Mobile Museum, US Geological Survey, City of Waterloo

All scouts, school groups, youth organizations and anyone interested in Earth Science is encourage to attend. Questions can be directed to (319) 235-6583.