May 31 is Projected Last Day of School

At a meeting on March 20, the Union School Board approved amending the District calendar to account for making up the instructional and professional development days lost this school year.
The January 16, Professional Development day that was cancelled due to weather has been rescheduled for Monday, April 17. There will be no school this day for the students.
Make up Day #1 will be Wednesday, May 24, for the day of school missed November 9 (State volleyball).
Make-up Day #2 will be Thursday, May 25, for the day lost on January 16 (weather).
Make-up Day #3 will be Friday, May 26, for the January 17 no school day. School will be dismissed at 2:15 PM on May 26 for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.
Make-up Day #4 will be Tuesday, May 30 for the March 13 snow day.
Barring any additional days that would need to be made up, May 31st is currently projected to be the last day of school, with an 11 AM dismissal time. The middle school 8th Grade Promotion will be conducted on the final day of school beginning at 9 AM. The date of the last day of school remains subject to change should any additional cancellation of school days become necessary.