Though not an adopted pet from the Cedar Bend Humane Society (CBHS) herself, Bailey, a resident dog of La Porte City, shares a home with other pets who were lucky to be welcomed into a loving home. On a recent walk, she shared some important information about the Humane Society’s mission with the Editor of The Progress Review. It should be noted that, while licked, no editors were harmed in the composition of this article.

Q: How are you, Bailey?

A: Hi! I’m so excited to see you! Let me lick you! Hello, hello, hello!!

Q: What can you tell us about the Cedar Bend Humane Society?

A: Great place, nice folks. SQUIRREL! LET ME AT HIM! HEY BUDDY, COME BACK HERE! Okay, where was I? Oh yes, the Cedar Bend Humane Society is a great place. Did you know you can adopt other animals besides dogs and cats there? They have guinea pigs… RABBIT! LET ME AT HIM! HEY BUDDY, COME BACK HERE!

Q: Easy on the leash, Bailey. It sounds like there are a lot of animals looking for a good home. How do you know so much about Cedar Bend Humane Society?

A: I subscribe to the PAWS Awhile e-newsletter. You can sign up at Since I’m easily distracted, I usually let Mr. Bean or Josie check my d-mail (dog e-mail). They’re pretty nice, for cats. CAT! LET ME AT HIM! HEY BUDDY, COME BACK HERE!

Due to “technical leash difficulties,” The Progress Review’s interview with Bailey came to an abrupt end at that point. “Purr” her recommendation, additional information about CBHS services can be found online at

The Cedar Bend Humane Society commits itself to providing humane care for all animals under its protection, educating the community about responsible pet ownership, and advancing the cause of kindness to all animals. Services include:

-Pet adoption services
-Rescue for injured and abandoned animals
-Education programs for school children
-Volunteer and pet fostering programs
-Animal enrichment
-Owner surrender
-Pet lost and found services
-Memorial Pet Cemetery
-On-site cremation services and burial services
-Euthanasia requests
-Animal control for rural Black Hawk County
-Paws Pantry – Food Bank

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