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The Shop: The Junkery
Merchant: Ashley Craft

About The Junkery:
The Junkery started in April of 2013 out of an interest I had in repurposing and salvaging old “junk.” I was inspired by decorating my own home and the DIY wedding my husband and I had. I’ve always really loved taking old things, or things people thought were useless, and breathing new life back into them in a creative way. The Junkery is a way for me to be creative and support the notion to repurpose and reuse rather than dispose and buy new. It’s a way to give people genuine, one of a kind finds for their home to enjoy. I am excited to share my items at stores like Laurie’s Boutique and vendor events.

For More Information: Call 319-415-7327 or logon to The Junkery Facebook page at