By Mike Whittlesey

The front page of this Christmas edition of The Progress Review, entitled “Postcards from Home,” contains images of the recent past and present La Porte City. No other holiday evokes memories of home quite like Christmas. Perhaps that is why we are so drawn to images of the Union Carolers decked out in their Victorian attire (besides the incredible beauty of their harmonious vocals) and the sight of a horse and carriage in the snow.
The world certainly is a little more complicated than it was during the days when the horse and buggy was considered a primary source of transportation. In 2014, the holiday season’s digital footprint continues to grow at an increasing rate of speed. Letters to Santa? You can set your pen and paper aside and send your wish via e-mail. While I haven’t taken the time to look, there probably are ways to text the S-Man directly or access some form of a North Pole Facebook page, where you can upload your “likes.”
There is no doubt technology can play a helpful role in our preparations to celebrate the Christmas holiday. With so much hustle and bustle that comes with the season, is it possible to get caught up in all the excitement and lose track of what it is that makes the holiday truly special? Contained in the 16 pages of newsprint you now hold, dear reader, are features we hope will add meaning to your holiday season.
Within this special edition, you’ll find the meaning of Christmas expressed in a variety of ways. We are especially grateful to the area ministers who have taken time from their busy schedules to share messages of peace and hope. If you’re looking for a place of worship to celebrate the season, please note the service dates and times listed among their essays.
Another view of the season comes from La Porte City Elementary School fifth graders, who share what Christmas means to them on pages four and five. It is interesting to note how many references to the word “family” can be found in their writings.
Holiday greetings also abound from area merchants, whose best wishes of the season spread throughout this issue make this special edition possible. We hope you enjoy these features, along with holiday images from the annual Home Lighting Contest and the concerts so beautifully presented by the staff and students in our local schools.
Like the images presented on the front page of this edition, each of these features can be seen as a postcard from home in their own unique way. For more postcards, logon to our website ( or Facebook page ( and click on the link to view a video slide show featuring the holiday lights of La Porte City. Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year from The Progress Review!