Readers familiar with the layout of The Progress Review’s print edition may be surprised to find a much larger calendar section on page two of the July 25 edition. The Comprehensive Community Calendar, a summary of upcoming events for the next month, is a new feature that will be published in the last issue of each month. Rest assured, the weekly calendar feature will continue to appear in all other print editions published by The Progress Review.

The Comprehensive Community Calendar is purposefully designed to be clipped out of the paper and posted on your favorite bulletin board or refrigerator, assuming your fridge has a metal surface that is conducive to a magnet. Many newer models, sadly, do not find magnets attractive. This once-a-month publication comes in response to the Union Community School District’s decision to discontinue publishing the annual calendar and report mailed to all school district patrons each August.

As documented in The Progress Review over the past several years, the school district has taken numerous proactive steps to respond to a significant decline in enrollment, in an effort to manage the district in a fiscally responsible way. Reducing and consolidating teaching and administrative positions, overhauling transportation routes and streamlining the number of support staff, while not easy decisions to make, have been necessary because of the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funding.

The decision to discontinue sending a calendar and printed newsletters to district patrons is not surprising. There are a considerable amount of resources that must be invested to produce the calendars and newsletters district patrons have enjoyed in the past. In addition to printing and postage, a tremendous amount of time must be invested by district personnel to create those publications. Those costs, along with the fact that many people now prefer to look online for information, as opposed to a printed page, make shifting school district resources to invest in the digital content that can be found at, a logical move.

For those who look forward to hanging up a new printed calendar every August, The Progress Review’s Comprehensive Community Calendar is designed for you. Want to know what’s going on in the upcoming month? Pick up a print edition copy of The Progress Review on the last Wednesday of each month and clip out the calendar- we’ll do our best to keep you up-to-date. As with any calendar, please note that events are subject to change.

For those of you who prefer to look online, check out the calendar link on Better yet, download our free app with direct access to calendar events- also available at