By Mike Whittlesey

“All good things must come to an end.”

This quote and well-known proverb dates back to 1374, first appearing in Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem entitled “Troilus and Criseyde.” While not the exact words Chaucer used in the poem, which was written in Middle English, the sentiment serves as an appropriate metaphor for the work that has been done at The Progress Review the past 18 years.

When we purchased the local newspaper in 2002, our goal was to continue the rich tradition of the small, family-owned newspaper that began in 1872, when our city’s forefather, Dr. Jesse Wasson, helped merge two rival publications into what would become The Progress Review. Over the years, the publication has been produced and published by a succession of families who have assumed responsibility for reporting La Porte City’s news and events to the community.

Last August, when mapping out retirement plans, it was decided that after some 940 weeks of publishing The Progress Review, the time had come to heed Chaucer’s words. With the hope that the local newspaper would continue on following our departure, a long range strategy was put into place, one that would allow subscribers to continue receiving The Progress Review following the sale of the newspaper. Given the limited market for small, family-owned newspapers, however, we understood the reality that, in the relay race of newspaper publishing, it was very possible there would be no one to hand The Progress Review baton off to.

During our tenure, the world of newspapers has changed considerably, making a steady move from the world of print to include a variety of digital platforms. During that time, The Progress Review was one the first weekly papers in the area to offer a website and later, a mobile app. Whether in print or online, the success we’ve enjoyed always comes back to our loyal readers and advertisers. Without them, there would be no Progress Review. We hope you’ve found the content we’ve published the past 18 years to be informative, useful and, at the appropriate times, entertaining.

The opportunity to serve our community has been a deeply rewarding one. In the world of publishing, there is no greater satisfaction than sharing stories that matter with your hometown. We look forward to continue sharing those stories until our 940th and final edition on September 30, 2020, when our retirement as publishers of the The Progress Review becomes official. If no buyer for the newspaper has been secured by that time, rest assured all current subscribers will receive a refund for the remaining amount of their subscription.

Thank you for allowing us to bring The Progress Review into your home. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve a community that means so very much to us.

~Mike & Jane Whittlesey