By Mike Whittlesey

ar•chive 1. Usually, archives. documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, etc., of a person, family, corporation, association, community, or nation.  
2. any extensive record or collection of data.

Unlike the Tribunes and Heralds of the newspaper world, The Progress Review has anything but a common name. The combination of two previous La Porte City newspaper names dating back to the latter half of the nineteenth century, the title aptly describes two primary roles this newspaper continues to perform after more than 140 years of existence: 1) the reporting of events deemed newsworthy (progress) and, 2) the archiving of said newsworthy events for historical preservation (review). This week, The Progress Review announces the upcoming release of two historical records that may be of interest to you.
For more than 40 years, Dolores Bader’s voice in The Progress Review offered commentary and bits of wisdom under a variety of banners. From “Siftings,” a column that began in 1967, to  “Connections,” most recently ending a run of more than a decade, Dolores has  written volumes about life in our part of the world. Her essays encouraged us when times were tough, and challenged us when we needed it most. In the coming weeks, a collection of her columns, published in The Progress Review from 2010-2013, will be available in paperback form. It is a unique look at our community’s recent history, told from the perspective of one of our city’s most prolific writers.
The second project The Progress Review has been working on is an archive of a different sort- electronic media.  Much of what we report in this newspaper is related to an important part of the community- our schools. Imagine if you could gather all the news, photos and video related to the events and activities conducted at the high school and compile them into one convenient package. You would have what we are calling The Progress Review Digital Record: 2014 Union High School. Beginning in August 2013 and ending with the commemorative graduation program published later this month, every news story, photo gallery and video clip published about Union High School during this ten month period will be accessible on your personal computer via DVD. For those keeping track, that’s nearly 4,000 photos, over an hour of video and slide show footage, combined with every feature story, honor roll listing, Senior Spotlight and high school sports statistic published in The Progress Review during the 2013-14 school year. It’s not a yearbook. It’s a piece of history in an interactive, digital format that will be available for a special, introductory price during the month of May.
The Progress Review is currently accepting pre-orders for both of these special archives. You may reserve your copies by logging on to