La Porte City’s proximity to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metropolitan area has its advantages, to be sure. Many residents make the commute north to work each day, enjoying the relatively short drive time that makes it possible to access a larger job market while still enjoying the benefits of small town living. And it certainly is convenient to have a wide range of shopping options for those quick stops that need to be made once the work day is done.

Those very conveniences ten miles up the road do create local challenges, however. The prevalence of big box retail outlets in Waterloo and Cedar Falls tends to have an adverse effect on smaller, independent merchants, including those on Main Street in La Porte City. The world in which we live today is vastly different from a time when multiple grocery and clothing stores lined Main Street.

The recently concluded holiday shopping season was newsworthy for the dramatic increase in online shopping, which created logistical nightmares for those entrusted with the timely delivery of packages.

Between the super-sized brick and mortar establishments found in nearby metropolitan areas and the convenience of point-and-click shopping online, the opportunities for merchants in smaller communities like La Porte City become more challenging.

In an effort to support the “shop local” effort, The Progress Review is working to develop a comprehensive onl;ine community directory, one that includes businesses, schools, churches and local organizations. The goal is to provide a “one-stop shop” location on the World Wide Web for all things (and businesses) La Porte City.

The beginnings of this project can be viewed by logging onto and scrolling down to click on the Business Directory link at the bottom of the page. If your business, church or service organization is not listed, we invite you to click on the link provided and complete a brief form that will help us share that information on cyberspace.  Because we want the directory to be comprehensive, a basic listing is provided, free of charge, for every local business, church and organization. For those interested, more advanced directory services are available, from photos of the business and links to company websites, to the creation of custom-designed web pages that promote the products and services the business provides.

If you own your own business, or operate one out of your home, make sure it is included in the Online Business Directory. For additional information about The Progress Review’s Online Business Directory project, call 342-2429 or send inquiries via e-mail to