By Mike Whittlesey

This week, with the help of Hoppy’s PRIMititive and Proper, The Progress Review debuts a new feature called This Week in LPC History.

La Porte City began making history in 1855 when the city was platted. Serving as the city’s official newspaper, The Progress Review has been documenting news of local importance since 1872.

With This Week in LPC History, we encourage readers to use two of The Progress Review’s newest information tools.

Each week during the month of September, a La Porte City history trivia question will be posed, giving readers a week to locate and submit the correct answer. Readers who submit the correct response will have their name entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate from Hoppy’s at the end of the month. Answer all four questions posed in September correctly and you’ll have four chances to win!

Fair warning: Questions presented will range from somewhat easy to rather difficult. Those who enjoy a good challenge will find the first information tool, the free online archives of The Progress Review, helpful, as they search for an answer that was published in the local newspaper during the month of September sometime in the past 147 years.

Stumped? Not enough time in the day to dig into the online newspaper archives? Use the second information tool, The Progress Review App, to quickly locate and submit the correct answer. Use of the app is also free. Simply download it to your favorite mobile device, then select This Week in LPC History from the main menu. There you’ll find the correct answer conveniently provided. Simply enter your name and email address to submit your entry.

While this contest uses The Progress Review App as the primary method to submit entries, those who prefer paper and pencil can complete their entry by clipping the This Week in LPC History form from the newspaper and returning it to The Progress Review office by the stated deadline.

How well do you know La Porte City history? We hope you enjoy the opportunity to explore the features of The Progress Review App and have the time to browse through the online archives, which have been made possible courtesy of The Progress Review, Hawkins Memorial Library and a number of generous donors.

Complete online access to newspaper archives that is free of charge is a rare service in this day and age. Logon to or and take a look. La Porte City has a number of fascinating stories to tell, past and present. You never know what you’ll learn, This Week in LPC History.