Sing Me to Heaven Foundation (SMTH) announces Duck Race Slide & Splash 2013 to take place Saturday, June 15, during the Festival of Trails celebration. Races will start at 5 PM.

Join family and friends at the La Porte City Aquatic Center and watch the “quackers” slide and splash into the pool. The yellow rubber duckies will be dumped at the top of the pool slide, hitting the twists and turns, and then splashing into the water.  When you buy a duck, you become its sponsor in the race. Your assigned number is written on the duck with marker pen to distinguish yours from the rest.  Purchase your lucky ducks and cheer them on to victory! Buy one duck for 5 bucks ($5.00) or get a quack pack-5 ducks for 20 bucks ($20.00) to increase your chances of winning.

In addition, local race car drivers Curt Hilmer, Joe Docekal, Matt Brown, John Schaefer, Cory Tharp, and others will have their cars at the LPC Family Aquatic Center at 4:30 that day. Take a picture of your child in a race car!  And, drivers may even get WET this year!

SMTH Board members (Jennifer Mehlert, Diane McIntosh, Mary Brown, Sandy Fehl, and John McDermott) will be selling raffle tickets,  which will be available Friday night June 14, 2013 at the Festival of Trails celebration on Main Street. Tickets may also be purchased on Saturday prior to 4:30pm at the LPC Aquatic Center.

Cash and prizes will be awarded to winners.

Raffle ticket purchases will help raise money for the Sing Me to Heaven Foundation – a nonprofit, public charity assisting grieving families in Iowa with funeral expenses after the loss of a child.