The Outreach/Evangelism committee from St. Paul United Methodist Church in La Porte City recently made two donations to the La Porte City Parks and Recreation Department. The first, in the amount of $236, consisted of the proceeds from the church’s bake sale, held earlier this month as part of La Porte City’s Home for the Holidays celebration. This donation was earmarked to help with the costs of the new skating rink, located at the intersection of Main Street and Tama Road. A second donation was made for the purpose of supporting the finishing work and landscaping at the new park shelter located on Fourth Street. The church designated half of the proceeds of their annual Fall Auction for this project. Representatives from the church presented a check in the amount of $2,017.87 to members of the Parks and Recreation Commission during the Waffle Breakfast held at the City’s Fire Station on December 15.

In addition to local projects, St. Paul United Methodist Church’s Outreach/Evangelism Committee supports projects around the world. There is continuous support offered for St. Paul’s sister church in Malawi, Africa; Betheny Home in Thailand, No More Malaria, area food banks, Women at the Well church inside the Iowa Reformatory, and others as the need arises. This is possible due to a generous congregation, friends, and a community, whom the church thanks for making it possible to support these missions and others in need.