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Iowa KidsNet to Hold Information Session on Foster Care and Adoption

Iowa KidsNet, the statewide organization that recruits, trains, licenses and supports Iowa’s foster and adoptive families, will hold an information session in Waterloo on January 11 for individuals interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents.
Foster care is the temporary placement of children with families outside of their own home due to abuse, neglect or other family crisis situations. The goal is for loving families to provide children with a safe, stable and nurturing environment. There is no typical foster family—foster families can be single, married, homeowners or renters and can come from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
This information session gives attendees a basic overview of the process involved in foster care and adoption and an understanding of the characteristics of children in the child welfare system. There is no obligation to continue in the process by attending.
There is a large need for more families to foster teens, children with special needs or behaviors and sibling groups. Iowa also has a need for more African American, Latino and Native American foster and adoptive parents.
To inquire online and see future session dates, visit www.iowakidsnet.com. Registrants will receive an information packet to fill out before attending the session.
Iowa KidsNet is a statewide collaboration of agencies that utilizes a unique, cohesive approach to provide recruitment, training, licensing and continued support to individuals who wish to become foster and adoptive parents. Iowa KidsNet is a partnership of Iowa social service agencies, including Four Oaks, Children’s Square USA, Family Resources, LSI, Quakerdale and affiliate Youth and Shelter Services. For more information, call 1-800-243-0756 or visit www.iowakidsnet.com

Hawkins’ Happenings – January 2, 2013

    Remember Story Time starts at 10:30 AM on Thursday, January 10. Bring your preschooler(s)in to enjoy books and activities about snow that morning. The following week Story Time children will hear about mittens (Jan. 17).            At 1:15 PM, on Monday, January 21, the movie Frankenweenie will be playing. Come in to the library to enjoy a movie, crafts, and popcorn.
There is a super sale on used paperback books and VHS movies here at the library. Purchase four for $1.00 during the month of January.
January is National Soup Month. The library has a large selection of cookbooks to peruse to find new soup recipes. Stop in and check them out.
Sign-up to take an e-reader class at the library. Just let us know a convenient time, the type of e-reader used, and how much experience you have.
A huge thanks to the patrons who have remembered Hawkins Memorial Library with monetary donations during this last year.  These donations are essential in helping the library maintain and improve our programs and facilities. We can’t thank you enough for your support.
The library is looking for local speakers for Hawkins Memorial Library. Do you have something that you have researched and want to share? Do you have a talent or hobby others might be interested in? Have you written a book and would like to talk about it?  Contact Jolene at 342-3025, with your ideas. The library would like to promote interesting and entertaining local programs.

Auditions Set for WCP’s Show “Bloody Murder”

Auditions for Waterloo Community Playhouse’s production of “Bloody Murder” will take place Saturday, January 12 at 1 PM and Sunday, January 13 at 7 PM at the the Walker Building, 224 Commerical Street in Waterloo. Production dates are March 8-16, 2013.
Twelve exciting roles are up for grabs in this comedic mystery that takes a unique look at a typical English murder-mystery. Think Agatha Christie meets Pirandello. When the usual British mystery types gather for a weekend retreat at the sumptuous country estate of the esteemed Lady Somerset, little do they know what lies in store. Slowly, the characters begin to realize that they are merely pawns in a formulaic murder mystery, their every move dictated by an author! One-by-one, the characters set out to change their fates. As they rebel against their author, it’s bloody murder!
Auditions are open to all, regardless of experience or membership. The auditions will involve reading scenes from the script. Scripts are available at the Walker Building for a $10.00 deposit. If you are unable to make the audition dates/times listed above, alternate auditions times may be scheduled by calling Director Chuck Stilwill at (319) 235-0367 for an appointment.

Connections – January 2, 2013

The price of milk became an issue as one year turned into another. Two of the factors involved were political: the “cliff” and the almost defunct farm program. The glass of goodness won’t double in price, but what got little publicity were the words of dairy farmers telling the public that the price they are getting for their product is no longer covering costs. What Congress does won’t make any difference if dairy farmers decide to throw in the towel. Just like the car makers, they need to show a profit to preserve the industry. You question my calling dairying an industry? Think about it. Milk is as much a staple as gas and oil.
In 1979 a gallon of milk cost $1.50. By 2005 the price had risen to $3.21 a gallon. During that same time period the cost of a new home jumped from $73,327 to $264,540 dollars. In 1979 a loaf of bread averaged forty cents. The biggest difference in all these matters is not the prices. It is the fact that we are bombarded day and night by the media’s need to “stir up, to sensationalize” rather than objectively report.
One of my prize possessions is a shaving cup with the name H.B. Lizer embossed in gold letters. I got it at an auction years ago, not realizing at the time its significance. Lizer purchased the Progress Review in 1904. He was also superintendant of the local school at one time. I’m pretty sure Lizer would have been a no-nonsense editor. One of those men who did not hesitate to remind you that personal opinion had no place in a news report. “Just the facts Ma’am” was a line used long before it became identified with Jack Webb.
In today’s world, where communication has become incessant, we need to know when it is break time. The brain needs quiet space from time to time to function. Shut everything off and look at the snow. Dim the lights and count the stars. The Wise Men traveled in January. There was political unrest in their day too.

Grand Lodge Offers Scholarship Programs

The Grand Lodge of Iowa, A.F. & A.M. is pleased to announce that two scholarship programs are now available for 2013 graduating seniors from Iowa’s public high schools. Information is available both from school guidance counselors and on the Grand Lodge of Iowa’s website at www.grandlodgeofiowa.com
One scholarship program is for graduating seniors from Iowa public high schools who will graduate in 2013 and plan to study in an academic field. Sixty scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded. Since the program’s inception in 1970, the Grand Lodge of Iowa has awarded more than $2.6 million in scholarships to 1,985 graduating seniors all across the state. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2013.
The second scholarship program is the Mark Earl and Esther Ruth Spencer Technical Scholarship or MCEC Technical Scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to graduating Iowa high school seniors planning to enroll in a mechanical or trade course of study at an accredited Iowa Community College. Twenty scholarships of $1,250 each will be awarded. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2013.
For more information about these scholarships, send email to scholarships@gl-iowa.org or call 319-365-1438.


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