Meet the Candidates

Editor’s note: La Porte City voters will cast their ballots on February 7 to elect a member of the City Council who will complete a term that expires on January 2, 2020. The Progress Review invited each of the three candidates on the ballot to submit a brief profile and share their reasons for seeking office. Their responses follow. -MW.
Jasmine Gaston
Age: 30 Years Old
Family: Married to Wayne Gaston, with three kids-Wesley (7), Alyson (5) and Savanna (1)
Occupation: Co-Owner/Office Manager of Henninger Electric
Let me share a little bit about myself. I grew up here in La Porte City, graduating from Union High School in 2004. I went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Upper Iowa University. I utilized this degree and many other skill sets working at GMAC Mortgage and Ocwen Loan Servicing as a supervisor, trainer, communications liaison and policy/procedure writer.
In 2013, my husband and I bought Henninger Electric together and, after 1½ years, grew the business large enough, that I was needed as a full time Office Manager. In 2014, I began running the office for our business and today we have four additional employees.
As an active church member, I teach preschool Sunday School and sit on our church finance committee. In addition to all of this, I am a mother to three beautiful children ages 7, 5, and 1.
Why does this matter? I give you this information to help you understand some of the skills I have to offer and some of the things that matter to me. I am a leader and am comfortable speaking for the citizens of the community, I understand how important budgets are to an entity like the city, and I’m not afraid to deal with tough issues.
As a lifelong resident of the community, a small business owner, and a mother of 3 young children, I have a vested interest in making this community a great place to live with a family, a great place to visit, and a great place to grow old and watch my family grow. I look forward to an opportunity to showcase my skill set to the citizens of La Porte City through making decisions that have their best interest in mind as we take our city into the future.
Stuart Grote
No Candidate Profile submitted for publication
Chad Van Dyke
Age: 62 Years Old
Family: Divorced, with three children- Katy, Kipp and Abby.
Occupation: Retired 2003 from John Deere Gear Standards as an Inspector after 30 years of service. Motor Sports Announcer, 1977-present. Auctioneer, 1985-present. Owner of The Real Deal Collectibles and Antique Shop since 2005.Member of the Black Hawk County Eminent Domain Compensation Commission since 2005
I would like to serve on the La Porte City City Council because I think the taxes need to be held in check, with La Porte City being one of the highest rates in Black Hawk County.
We, as a city, do not need to acquire any more liabilities such as buildings and property to maintain. We need to figure out how to cut the cost of maintenance of what we have presently. The FEMA lots are a good example. The city is stuck maintaining them forever with no tax money ever to be collected from them.
Our inter-structure is very old and is needing replaced very soon, which will be a very expensive endeavor. People always mention state and federal monies to be the answer…it is still you the tax payer paying the bill.