Connections – May 29, 2013

By Dolores Bader
We will soon hit the 43 year mark since the opening of LPC’s first Art Center in 1970. It was located in the building that is currently home to The Real Deal at 301 Commercial. The founders were a group called La Porte City Art Students League. Since writing about local artists a couple of weeks ago names of people I overlooked keep popping up. To me that is proof POSITIVE that we are overlooking a rich heritage.
Names like Claire Fosse, Liz McIntosh, Don Richards and Bernice Johannsen come to mind. Another name: Lela Briggs who is an area legend. Expand the list with the prolific photographic and woodworking artists in this community – past and present – and you begin to get a new view of this community. I’m still wondering how Don Richards wasn’t one of the first people to come to my mind. Some very lucky local residents have full-wall murals done by that extremely talented man. I can also add to current artists to the list: Gloria Thomsen and Rayona Rozell. I’ll be adding to that list too.
As I looked at the front page picture of Storytime in last week’s PR my thoughts flew to Roy and Anna: from a new place they enjoy their dream’s progression. The Hawkins had no children. They were well known for the beautiful flower gardens surrounding their home at the top of Barberry Street and for their commitment to the betterment of LPC. The thoughts in my head move again, now to the FFA orchard project that will soon come to life. More smiles from the former mayor and his gracious wife!
As we approach time for the Festival of Trails I have to say that this year’s parade theme is fascinating! It is “What WOOD You Do in La Porte City?” Talk about creative! I don’t know who originated the idea but it is public property now and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The parade is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday June 15. There are cash prizes for the top three entries. Go for it!