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Sarah and Taylor Gingrich

Sarah Rolland and Taylor Gingrich exchanged wedding vows on December 29, 2012, in La Porte City.
Parents of the couple are Becky Rolland of La Porte City and the late Steve Rolland and Craig and Deb Gingrich of Cedar Falls.
The Rev. Doug Rokke performed the 4 PM ceremony at American Lutheran Church.
The bride is a dentist at Park Dental and the groom is a spend management consultant at Strategic Source.
They live in Richfield, Minnesota.

Connections – June 26, 2013

By Dolores Bader
It occurs to me that there might be area residents who aren’t aware of the fact that La Porte City has a summer Santa. He may not have a white beard but he loves fireworks and has been the benefactor of the annual celebration fireworks display for as long as I can remember. Local attorney Jim Robertson has provided both financial and physical input over many years. I can even remember his mother’s sigh of relief one year after he had helped set up and set off the yearly display at the Golf Course. Marion Robertson also rolled her eyes when she talked about her son and his love for flying his plane. His love for greenhouse experiments brought a big smile to her face. She was a great card player and a very gracious lady.
The Robertson family goes back generations in the history of this community. The High School sits on property that once belonged to that clan. It should come as no surprise that the family is also reaching into the future. Thanks to the savvy of Jim Robertson, the LPC Telephone Co. is on the cutting edge of everything electronic! All the huge rolls of wire you see stored behind the Lions Club ball diamonds near the city disposal plant will connect rural La Porte and Mt Auburn customers to the latest technology. While other small communities are closing local phone companies Jim Robertson has the wit and will to head his ship, and coincidentally ours, into the future.
Back to his mom, her life and mine were worlds apart. She was a citizen of the world. Gentle, kind, intelligent… and she played a mean game of cards! I never left her presence without feeling enlarged by something I had learned from her. I find it a matter of great interest that the Robertsons and the Hawkins whom I have written about recently were neighbors and who all loved growing things. All these things come back, thanks to the magnificent fireworks display of 2013 – the greatest ever!

Jim Robertson Wins Wagon of Corn Raffle

The La Porte City Lions Club congratulates the following winners of the 2013 Wagon of Corn Raffle:
Wagon of Corn (400 bushels) – Jim Robertson
2nd prize ($500) – LuAnn Ross
3rd prize ($250) – Shane Clark
The Lions thank those farmers/individuals who donated to fill our Wagon of Corn. With the community’s support, the Lions will continue strengthening education, projects and other organizations. Also, a BIG thank you to the Eastern Central Iowa Cooperative. The paperwork, marketing and follow-up by Larry Mehlert and Megan Orr made the first year of the Wagon of Corn raffle run very smoothly.
Lastly, the Lions Club would like to thank Jim Robertson for his continued support of the Festival of Trails fireworks. Jim has directed the Lions Club to cash out the 400 bushels of corn and put it towards the fireworks for next year’s Festival of Trails. So if you thought this year’s fireworks were the best you have ever seen, wait till next year!

Library to Host Summer Jazz Concert

Union High School Jazz Band Camp students will share a concert at 1 PM at Hawkins Memorial Library on Friday, June 28. These talented musicians have been working hard the past week learning jazz and improv during their daily practice sessions.
Three groups will be performing for this mini concert, the 15-person jazz band and two jazz combos. Please stop in over your lunchtime break to enjoy their performance.

FusionTV: A Daily Dose of Fiber

The future of television has arrived to thousands of La Porte City residents as La Porte City Telephone Company announces the launch of its enhanced digital TV service, FusionTV. The new television service is delivered over the advanced all-fiber optic network, dubbed the Fusion Network.
“This is an exciting time for La Porte City. Residents have been waiting for a new choice in cable TV. Based on customer research, La Porte City Telephone Company is the preferred provider for technology and digital entertainment in our community,” said Jim Robertson, LPC Telephone Co. board president.
“FusionTV delivers more choices in family programming, movies, and sporting events. Customers will be amazed by the crystal clear picture and sound. FusionTV is different than cable and satellite TV, so customers will have access to innovative features like TV Caller ID, weather and gaming apps, and a Whole-Home DVR (Digital Video Recorder). All of this from a local team that is here for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
La Porte City residents with Fusion Network fiber optic access now have the option to trim their monthly bills by bundling local telephone service, FusionTV service, Fusion High Speed Internet service, and Computer Security Services in a LPC Savings Pak. Customers can get all the communications services they need with the simplicity of dealing with just one local company and receiving just one bill.
FusionTV represents an excellent value and packages will include over 210 channels of local programming, news, premium movies, sports, plus 54 digital music and talk radio channels. FusionTV offers top-rated networks like Big Ten Network, ESPN, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery Channel, TNT, Fox News, Lifetime Movie Network, Nick Jr. and many more. Service highlights include:
High Definition Programming – 58 high-definition channels with extraordinary picture clarity and theater-quality sound.
Whole Home DVR (Digital Video Recorder) – Record your programs and access them from any digital box in the home, allowing for multi-room viewing and recording. You also have the ability to pause and rewind live TV.
Parental Controls – Manage your children’s access to television programming and movies by blocking programs by channel or rating.
TV Caller ID – Caller ID information is displayed on the TV screen even before the phone rings. *Caller ID subscription required.
Interactive On-Screen Guide – Quickly and easily find and enjoy content from TV listings and the whole-home digital video recorders (DVR).
Apps – Free interactive apps with one-button access to a current local weather radar, a 5-day forecast, and games, such as Solitaire and Sudoku, while customers are watching their favorite shows.
La Porte City Telephone Company invites the community to visit their office on Main Street in La Porte City to experience FusionTV and talk to employees about packages and pricing. Customers can visit www.lpctel.com, or call 342-3369 to find out if FusionTV is available at their home or business.


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