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Mandate: Hawkeye Valley Merger Part of Statewide Consolidation Effort

Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging in Waterloo, Northland Area Agency on Aging in Decorah, and Scenic Valley Area Agency on Aging in Dubuque will be merging together to form Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEI3A). The three agencies are merging together as a result of a legislative mandate to reduce the number of Iowa’s Area Agencies on Aging from 13 to six. Effective July 1, the newly formed Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEI3A) will be serve 18 counties in Northeast Iowa including Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler, Buchanan, Chickasaw, Hardin, Grundy, Marshall, Tama, Poweshiek, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, Allamakee and Winneshiek counties.
NEI3A will continue to provide assistance and arrange for services for older persons, people with disabilities, and family caregivers to help them remain independent and in their homes for as long as they desire.
“Our goal is to make this a seamless transition. Existing clients will not see a change in services as we go through this merger,” stated Mike Isaacson, Executive Director.
“We are excited to merge together as NEI3A and look forward to providing quality services  NEI3A programs and services include options counseling, case management, nutrition programs, Healthy Lifestyles/Senior Centers, caregiver support, consumer protection, respite support, disaster assistance, and evidence-based programming.
“Most people have no idea where to start to get help when they are faced with the challenge of helping a friend or loved one remain in their home. Or even what services are available to ease the transition when they are discharged from the hospital. We are here to help navigate through that process to help people throughout Northeast Iowa remain independent,” states Isaacson.
For more information call the Lifelong Links-Aging & Disability Resource Center at NEI3A toll-free at 1-877-538-0508.

Meditations – July 3, 2013

By Pastor Mike Gudka, St. Paul United Methodist Church
In this series of articles for the month of July, I am going to explore some of the basics of Christianity. These concepts form the foundation of what it means to be a follower of Christ. Some of these concepts will be easy to grasp, some more difficult, and some might even challenge what you believe. So enjoy these articles and feel free to visit me at St. Paul United Methodist Church if you have any questions, or even if you disagree. I would enjoy the conversation.
Let’s start first with the understanding of the Triune God. We believe in one God, made up of three eternally distinct Persons. And these three Persons include the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three Persons are in such a perfect relationship with each other, that they are one God. Now I know this is hard to comprehend. So let me share with you the best analogy that I have found, and even this one falls a little short. I want you to think about a chair. As you look at the chair, you quickly realize that it is only one chair. But you will also notice that in order for the chair to exist, it must have three dimensions:  height, width, and length. Without one of these dimensions, the chair does not exist in a three-dimensional world. And we never confuse height, with width, with length. These are three distinctly different measurements that together, make up one chair. The same is true for God. There is only one God AND there are three eternally distinct Persons that make up that one God. And you cannot have the one God without all three Persons. I hope this analogy helps with understanding our Triune God.
But here is where my simple chair analogy does not work so well. Because of the perfect relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; when you meet one of the Persons of the Trinity, you will at the same time have met all three. And this is part of the mystery of God. So don’t worry if we as finite people cannot fully comprehend God. After all He is eternal, omniscient, and omnipresent. So if someone comes to you and says they can answer all of your questions about God, my advice would be not to listen to them. Anyone who thinks that they can fully comprehend an infinite God is probably worshiping a false god. But here is the great news. How long do you think it will take a finite person to learn everything about an infinite God? The answer of course is it will take an eternity. And for those who believe in Christ, that is exactly how long God is going to give us. Pretty cool, huh?
Ok, now for a trick question. Is there anything that God cannot do? And the answer is, “Yes!” God cannot do evil. God cannot lie. God cannot break His promises. The very essence of God is truth, love, goodness, and commitment.  He can see all things past, present, and future and when He makes a promise, He knows that He will fulfill it. I would encourage you to think about what it means to follow a God that can only do good things? Can only love?And only wants the best for you? Giving ourselves completely over to the Triune God is a wonderful experience.
The last aspect about God that I want to discuss is His eternal existence. There has never been a time when God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit did not exist. And there will never be a time when they don’t exist. Many people get confused and believe that since the Son, or Jesus, was born over 2,000 years ago, that He must not have existed before that time. But this is not the case. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are eternal; with no beginning or end. So God sees time very differently than we do. After all, God made time. God stands outside of time. And God is the first cause. In other words, God existed before anything and it was God that started the ball of creation rolling along. Everything that happens has to have a first cause. It has to have something that started it. God is the first cause of everything.
Next week I am going to explore one of the Persons of the Trinity; Jesus the Christ. So between now and then, my hopes and prayers are that you have an incredible week as you contemplate just how much this good God loves you and wants the best for you. I hope it brings a smile.

On the Hill – July 3, 2013

By Lois Miszner
Are you getting tired of all the rain we have been having? I am, but I don’t want to complain. We could end up with a long dry spell, like last year. That begs the question, “Which kind of weather would you rather have?”
We keep real busy here on the hill. Monday we bowled. There were no men who wanted to show off their good scores, so just the women bowled this week. There weren’t any high scores, but we got a lot of exercise which is to our advantage.
One afternoon we had a young gentleman from Des Moines entertain us on the piano and sang many songs for us. He was very good both singing and accompanying himself on the keys. He sang many of the good tunes popular back “in the day” and promised he would be back again.
Our church service on Thursday was conducted by Paster Couch from Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee. The service was well attended and we enjoyed it very much.
On the last Thursday of the month we play Banana Bingo, with each person receiving a banana for our breakfast the next morning.
We are also looking forward to several new programs scheduled for July.
We want to remind visitors that the July birthday party will not be held on the 4th of July, but instead on July 11th due to the holiday.
Hope everyone is enjoying a good summer!

Letter to Editor – Jana Nelson

To the Editor:
Bruce Braley has a track record of not only getting things done, but getting them done in a bipartisan manner. This is why I support him for the office of U.S. Senator.
Braley worked in cooperation with a Republican from Georgia to change government regulations that would have closed a manufacturing plant in Marshalltown. Braley also collaborated with Republican Representative Marlin Stutzman to change the way the EPA selects its advisory board, assuring that the board would include farmers and other agricultural experts. Braley was a key member in the bipartisan effort to pass a drought relief bill through Congress last year.
With partisan deadlock plaguing Washington, Bruce Braley has shown that he has the ability to work on both sides of the aisle to get things done for Iowans.
 Jana Nelson, Cedar Falls

Hunting South Africa: A Bowhunting Journal

First in a series by Dave Stueve
Well, the day finally arrived-  the day we leave for South Africa! This year I am even more excited than ever! This year I get to take Tammy Beckham with me and let her experience the place I love so much. After meeting Corey, a client from southern Iowa, we fly out of Cedar Rapids to Chicago. We end up almost an hour late into Chicago, giving us about 17 minutes to make our flight. Believe it or not, we made it! Off to Washington, D.C. we go, hoping our luggage made it on the plane.
D.C. goes smooth and we get on the plane to take us across the ocean. We are a little late taking off but I am thinking that just gives them more time to get our bags on the plane. Now for the 17 hour-long flight. It is a long flight but the hunting is worth it! I only hope Tammy and Corey agree!
We arrive in Johannesburg on time and work our way thru customs. Tammy is excited to get the first stamp in her passport. After customs, we head to the baggage claim area. Unlike previous trips to South Africa, all our bags made it to Johannesburg with us! We sign for our bows and head to the exit/greeting area. There is Charl waiting for us! We introduce Corey and head to the truck. In the truck, Charl has my supply of Monster energy drink and as close as you can get to Diet Pepsi in South Africa. Anyone that knows me knows how vital these two things are to my survival!
Off we head to camp. I have not been to this property before, so it’s all new for me, too. The road is paved almost all the way, and much of it is brand new asphalt. Finally, we turn off onto a gravel road. Well, kind of. It is under construction, so it goes from gravel to big chunky rock, to asphalt, back to gravel, etc. Just as we come off a section of asphalt, there it is- a gravel pile about four feet high, blocking our path. It’s a good thing we were going slow or it could have been a “Dukes of Hazard” moment with the General Lee flying through the air. We stop and get out to survey the situation. We kick a little off the top but can see that is going to take forever to clear it with no shovels. Charl decides he thinks his truck will go over it. I’m thinking and say, “There is no way it’s going to make it.”
Charl is undeterred. He gets to the top, the front wheels just over the far edge and, there it is, we are officially high centered. So, here we are in the middle of nowhere, stuck. Ahhhh, this is Africa! Charl climbs to the top of the truck, extends his arm up and gets 1 bar of cell signal! He calls Erika, who reports  she and Solly are on the way to our location with the other truck, the one equipped with the HUGE winch on the front. We are saved!
We arrive at camp, and what a camp it is. Very nice. Erika shows us our rooms and we gather at the fire. We plan to sleep in a little in the morning, then check our bows on the range before heading out for our first hunt.
As usual, I am the first one up in the morning. Love the mornings in Africa! The sounds and smells, the sunrise, I love it.
Pat, the owner of the property, and his son Willim drive up. I introduce myself and thank them for their hospitality. Willim is a Professional Hunter and will serve as Corey’s guide for the week. Before long, the rest of the camp comes to life.
It’s time to head to the range to make sure our bows are sighted in. Everyone’s equipment checks out and shoots fine, so off to the hides we go!
While Corey is hunting with Willim, Charl, Tammy and I take cover in a blind at noon, plenty of time for some action. Within an hour, animals begin to arrive. Over the next five hours we see 20 warthogs, 10 impala (including two rams fighting), three gemsbok, Jackel 54″ a kudu bull with three cows, a wildebeest bull, waterbuck, zebra and giraffe.
Tammy and I have a couple of opportunities to take aim but nothing good enough to squeeze off a shot. While packing up to leave, a white rhino arrives. Very rare animal and we feel lucky to see one.
 Monday, June 3rd
Our first full day of hunting! As I sit by the fire, I can hear rutting Impala grunting from a distance of 100 yards or so from camp.
The morning is slow. By afternoon, animals begin to arrive but none offer us a shot.
About 4 o’clock Tammy and Charl go back to camp, while Solly joins me in the hide for the last couple hours. As I pack my stuff, getting ready to go, Solly whispers, “Jackel!” He’s about 45 yards away, a target I really want to hit, as the property owners like it when you shoot them, South Africa’s version of the coyote. I take aim and shoot, but the arrow flies right over him! Crap! Oh, well, it was a clean miss and I can see my Bloodsport arrow with it’s flare nock glowing on the other side of the water hole. We finish the day making a new plan for tomorrow.
“We arrive at camp, and what a camp it is. Very nice.”
Next Week: Will Dave and his client bag the trophies they came half-way around the world to get?


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