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Middle and High School Supplies Lists, Union Community Schools

6th Grade
Science – green pocket folder & lg. green book cover
Social Studies – black pocket folder and XL or jumbo black book cover
Language – yellow pocket folder w/prongs & 2 yellow spiral notebooks
Math – calculator (Casio fx300W or TI 30xIIS or TI-15), blue pocket folder, blue book cover (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function calculator)
Literature – red pocket folder, flash drive, 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Literature II – 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100), red spiral notebook (70 pg)
Family Consumer Science – red pens, pocket folder
General Music – pocket folder
Computer class – 3-ring 1” clearview binder, divider tabs, 11×14 inexpensive, lightweight frame  (more info at orientation), flash drive (used in all classes), headphones/earbuds
Colored pencils
Glue stick
Pens (black and blue)
#2 pencils – 4 dozen
Ruler with centimeters and inches
3-100 ct. pkgs. loose leaf paper
Backpack or bag that fits locker (no rollers)
Optional: Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes
7th Grade
Social studies – 1” 3-ring binder w/5 dividers & loose leaf paper, XL or jumbo book covers
Language – 1” 3-ring binder w/5 dividers & loose leaf paper
Literature – 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Family Consumer Science – red pens, pocket folder
Math – Calculator – TI 30xIIS or TI-30xs Multiview (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function)
Computer – 1” clearview binder, divider tabs, headphones, flash drive
Colored pencils
Rubber cement
Pens (red, black and blue – no gel pens)
#2 pencils (always have 3-4 at school)
Large markers (pkg. of 8)
3”x5” note cards – 1 pkg. 100
Loose leaf paper
Optional: Flash drive, Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes
8th Grade
Social Studies – folder
Language – 1” 3-ring binder and 3 prong pocket folder, 2 red pens, 2 green pens, page dividers
Math – Calculator – TI 30XIIS or TI-30xs Multiview, notebook, loose leaf paper, folder (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function)
Literature – folder, 3 prong folder, loose leaf paper, 3×5 note cards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Computer – 2-1” clearview binders, divider tabs, headphones, flash drive
Family Consumer Science – pins, shears, seam ripper, red pens, pocket folder
#2 pencils, colored pencils, and pens (black, blue and red)
Spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper
Felt tip markers
Binder or accordian style folder system to keep work organized
4 jumbo book covers
3×5 notecards (2 pkgs. of 100)
Optional: rubber cement, glue sticks, Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes
• Standard 3.5mm stereo headphones (the size used in a standard portable radio, iPod or computer. These can be purchased for $1 at many dollar stores).
• 1 three-ring binder (1-1/2”)   • Lined, loose leaf notebook paper   • 1 spiral notebook
• Pens and pencils   • Set of 5 multi-colored file folders
Each teacher will distribute a list of supplies needed for a specific class the first day of the course.

Hawkeye to Introduce New Industrial Program

Hawkeye Community College is offering a six-month Industrial Maintenance training program. There will be both a daytime and an evening program that will prepare students for a high-demand entry-level position in industrial maintenance. Workers in industrial maintenance maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, and repair equipment used in the production of goods.  This is a high-tech field where participants will learn the basics of electricity, hydraulics, motor controls, and programmable controllers.
After finishing the program, students are awarded a non-credit certificate of completion. Individuals may find employment as industrial mechanics, maintenance electricians, and fluid power technicians. Starting wages are expected to be $13-$17 per hour.
An information session is planned for Thursday, August 7, from 6-7 PM at the Cedar Falls Center. Individuals who are interested in learning more can tour the training areas and visit with the instructors. Interested individuals do not have to attend the meeting, but are encouraged to do so to learn more about the program, learn about financial assistance, and to complete an application.
The Industrial Maintenance program at Hawkeye is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to learn a different set of job skills for a high-demand job in a short amount of time. There are no admissions requirements or entrance exams. Classes for the night session begin September 8 and run Monday-Friday from 4-9 PM. Classes ends on February 20.  Classes for the day session begin September 29 and run Monday-Friday from 10:30 AM-4 PM; classes end March 13.
Learn more at www.hawkeyecollege.edu/go/industrial-maintenance  or call 319-296-4290.

Physicals and Insurance Due for Union Student Athletes

A physical examination must be obtained from a doctor before any student is allowed to participate in athletics at Union Middle and High School. Forms for this purpose are available in the superintendent’s office, the middle school and high school offices, and on the district’s website (www.union.k12.ia.us).
Sports physical forms must be returned with the doctor’s signature before a student will be allowed to practice. Parents of students participating in school athletic programs also must sign a form indicating they have adequate insurance (health & accident), or they must sign a form saying they accept full responsibility for expenses resulting from athletic injuries.

We Build Champions Football Camp Aug. 3rd

We Build Champions Football Camp kicks off at Union High School on Sunday, August 3rd with a Father/Son Day that will begin at 2:30 PM.
Following Father/Son Day, a High School Camp for grades 9-12 will be held at the same location August 4-7. beginning at 4 PM each day.
Union Middle School will be the location for the Middle School Camp (grades 7-8), which will be conducted at 9-11 AM August 11-14.
To register for a camp, contact Aly at iowateam@gmail.com as soon as possible.
On Saturday, August 2nd, the annual Union High School Alumni versus Varsity seven on seven football game will kickoff at 7 PM.

Hunting South Africa – Third in a Series

Editor’s Note: Dave Stueve is the owner of Double Lung Archery, the La Porte City Pro Shop dedicated to all things bowhunting. As the exclusive booking agent in the United States for Infinito Safaris, Stueve makes an annual trip to South Africa each June to hunt on the 30,000 acres in the western side of the Limpopo province Infinito Safaris devotes to bowhunting.
Hunting South Africa, Part II
Third in a Series by Dave Stueve
Day 5
Up at 3:30 again! Today I will be hunting with La Porte City’s own, Scott Mc Intosh with me! Having hunted deer and turkey together, I am glad to hunt with him in Africa, as well. Shortly after settling in at the hide, some red hartebeest cows come in. Close behind them is a bull! Red hartebeest is not in Scott’s hunt package, but since the hunting has been a little slow, I ask him if he would like to shoot him, telling him he can trade it for the blue wildebeest that is on his hunt package (I hope Charl is okay with this!). “Is he a good one?” Scott asks. I answer, honestly. “I don’t know for sure, it’s the first one I’ve ever seen! He has horns that are four times the size of the cows- he looks good to me.”
A BEEST! – La Porte City hunter, Scott McIntosh, pictured with his South African red hartebeest. Photo courtesy of Dave Stueve.
Scott readies for the shot! The bull, as trophy animals often do, stays out of range until he feels it is safe to join his cows. We wait, and wait. The bull stands there for about 10 minutes and then, deciding he is safe, strolls right in offering Scott a perfect, 15 yard broadside shot. Scott draws his bow, settles his sight pin, slowly puts tension on the trigger. The arrow is on its way! I watch it disappear just behind the hartebeest’s shoulder! Perfect shot! The bull turns and runs off into the open field, makes it about 70 yards and down he goes! We watch for any movement but there is none. The beest is dead! Scott has his second African trophy! At the end of the day, it is back to the lodge for another great meal and camaraderie around the fire. A wonderfully diverse group of hunters, outfitter, professional writer and videographer all having a great time. This is Africa! There is something special about sharing a hunting campfire, no matter what continent you are on. I suspect it has been that way since the first campfires thousands of years ago. Tomorrow morning I am going after my Zebra! You really didn’t think I was going to come all the way to South Africa and not hunt did you? Up until now I have been helping Charl (the outfitter) by going with our hunters, advising them on trophy quality, shot timing and placement, as well as shooting footage for a promotional DVD. I need to test out the new hybrid broadhead that Grim Reaper sent me, as the company appreciates real world feedback on their designs. Day 6 What a slow day! I see some impala and an ostrich. Only one small impala ram offered a shot which I declined to take. The rest of the day was a bust. We arrive back at camp to find out that Andrew shot a HUGE blue wildebeest bull! Andrew is on the board! Matt shot an impala ram and Randy recorded two kills, an impala ram and a warthog! Four more in the salt! Ron was with Andrew and got to witness his son’s first African kill. You could tell how proud they both were and thankful they were able to share the experience. We sit down for dinner. Erika has prepared Zebra filet off Chuck’s Zebra! Mmmmmm! Yep, still my favorite animal to eat. After dinner, Charl, Marness, Ulrich and I gather to devise a plan for tomorrow. With only two hunting days left, we need to shuffle things around a bit. We all turn in about 10 PM. Tomorrow is going to be another long, beautiful day in South Africa! Next Week: What surprises await the hunters from Iowa on their final days hunting in South Africa?


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