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Freckles’ Adopt-A-Pet – November 25, 2015

Freckles and The Progress Review encourage potential pet owners who are loving and responsible to consider adopting a pet from the Cedar Bend Humane Society.
Delilah is a 2-year-old Abyssinian Guinea Pig with a pretty calico and white coat. She’s a pretty chill little pig, and enjoys poking her nose up against her cage to watch the passersby in our lobby. She also enjoys napping in her castle, and eating fresh hay. Delilah is a great pig, come meet her today! Delilah’s adoption fee is $15 without her cage, or $45 with her cage.
For more information about adopting a pet, contact: Cedar Bend Humane Society, 1166 W. Airline Highway, Waterloo, Iowa 319-232-6887
cbhsadoption@mchsi.com – www.cedarbendhumanesociety.com

Meditations – November 25, 2015

By Rev. Ray Atwood,   Prince of Peace Cluster
“Depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels” (Mt. 25:41).
When I think of Hell, I think of a fiery furnace, smoking lava pits, and red demons with pitchforks screeching and howling as they run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Hell is a dark and scary place.
The modern person does not like to hear about the subject of Hell for one simple reason, namely, that the modern person denies sin. If you deny human guilt, then you must deny the right of a state to judge a criminal, or to sentence him to prison. Once you deny the sovereignty of God, you must deny Hell. The existence of Hell is God’s eternal guarantee of human freedom.
The punishments of Hell are twofold: first there is the pain of sense, which is spiritual suffering for our sins. If you disobey nature’s laws, you suffer a corresponding punishment. For example, if you abuse alcohol, you end up with a headache called a “hangover.” Nature rebels against abuse. So too, the fiercer the grip that sinful pleasures have on a soul in this life, the more fiercely will the fires of torment are in eternity.
The other punishment is called the pain of loss. This is the loss of Divine Love. We are separated from the One who created and loved us. Hell has indeed been called “the hatred of the things you love.” Like a sailor who drinks salty ocean water when he becomes lost at sea (hating the water as poison but mad with thirst for it), so too, the soul hates God whom it is meant to love above all things. Hell is eternal self-hatred. When you do evil and never repent before you die, you will end up becoming something God never meant you to be, namely, his enemy. You will live forever in the state of rebellion against God.
Hell is a difficult topic, but a reality for humans, who are made to love and serve God. Someone once said: “Hell is at the foot of the hill of Calvary, and no one of us can go down to hell without first passing over the hill where there is a God-man enthroned with arms outstretched to embrace, head bent to kiss, and heart open to love.” Hell is prepared by us in this life, when we refuse to respond to the Lord’s love and reject the love shown on the cross.
May we dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell and repent of sin.

Practical Money Matters – November 25, 2015

By Nathaniel Sillin
Your Year-End Financial Checklist
It will begin soon enough – all those “beat the rush!” ads for holiday shopping, activities and events. Right now, you have a great opportunity to beat the rush to organize your year-end finances and make some smart moves for the New Year.
Consider the following tasks for your year-end financial to-do list.
Total up your year-to-date spending. Whether you organize by computer or on paper, make sure your tracking system for spending, saving and investment is up to date. This way, you can make sure you are on budget for the year and ready with data for tax time. Once you are finished, determine your net worth – what you own less what you owe – and get an early idea of what you need to change next year.
Check in with your planner or tax professional. Late December is a busy time for financial professionals. Take a minute to see if they can review your numbers and make suggestions on year-end financial activities and new moves you should make in 2016.
Make sure you’ve reviewed all your credit reports for the year. You are entitled to one free copy (https://www.annualcreditreport.com) of each of your three major credit reports from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. It’s generally wise to schedule delivery of each at different points in the year to catch errors or irregularities.
Check and rebalance your portfolio. With the dramatic market swings this past year, be sure to check if your retirement and other investments are still on track with your investment goals. Get qualified help if necessary to see if the assets you own still fit your needs. And if you need to do any tax selling by the end of the year, now is the time to start thinking about it.
Check your insurance coverage. If you buy your own home, auto, life or other insurance policies, contact two or three agents representing highly rated (http://www.ambest.com) insurers to review the adequacy and pricing of your coverage. If you have made any structural changes or improvements to your home, make sure those actions are reflected in your homeowners insurance. Such work may boost your home’s replacement value. Also, if you’ve had a major life or financial event like a new baby or the purchase of a new home it’s time to make sure all your coverage is sufficient.
Update your W-2, benefits and estate plan if necessary. While you’re updating your insurance and investment needs for big life events related to family, property or marital status, see if your tax withholding and employee health coverage and investments need review. Get qualified help to make this assessment if you are not sure.
Empty out your flexible spending accounts. If you have a Flexible Spending Account for health care or other qualifying expenses, it’s time to submit outstanding claims from the doctor, dentist or optometrist. Remember you can only transfer $500 in your remaining balance over to the next year. Make any appointments or medical purchases you need to now and get the paperwork in fast.
Do a last-minute tax review. If you work alone or with a tax professional, review your annual income, investment and spending data to see if there’s anything you can do in the final weeks of the year to save on taxes. If tax-deductible donations to qualified charities and nonprofits are recommended, consult sites such as GuideStar (http://www.guidestar.org), CharityWatch (https://www.charitywatch.org/home) and Charity Navigator (http://www.charitynavigator.org) to evaluate your choices so you know your contribution is being well spent.
Save time and cut back on waste with online bill pay and deposits. Automatic online bill pay means you won’t have to waste time writing checks or risk late payment fees. Scheduling bill payment through your checking and savings accounts can save time and money, while setting up regular electronic deposits to savings and investment accounts can also help you save money before you are tempted to spend it.
Bottom line: Doing a last-minute review of your finances can potentially save money and help you save, spend and invest smarter in the coming year.

Classifieds – November 25, 2015

CONTRACT SALESPERSON: Selling aerial photography of farms on commission basis. $4225.00 first month guarantee. $1,500-$3,000 weekly proven earnings. Travel required. More info msphotosd.com or 877/882-3566 (INCN)
Be Someone More. A career in healthcare at Virginia Gay Hospital Clinics, Home Health, Nursing & Rehab (Vinton, IA) is more than a job, it’s an opportunity to serve others while growing as a person. For a complete listing of open positions and application details, please visit www.myvgh.org/careers. An equal opportunity employer.  47-6-c
EXCELLENT JOB Opportunity! Growing, established roofing company seeking salesmen experienced in roofing industry. Top reps make $300K. Apply aandaroofing.com/jobs or e-mail resume@aandaroofing.com. (INCN)
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NAVAJO Hiring CDL-A Truck Drivers Earn up to .43CPM We’ll fly or bus you to orientation. 6 mo. Recent tractor/trailer exp. in last 3 years. 866-874-3162 (INCN)
Butler Transport Your Partner in Excellence. CDL Class A Drivers Needed. Sign on Bonus. All miles paid. 1-800-528-7825 or www.butlertransport.com (INCN)
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Oren Hoyt Donates Autobiography to High School

Oren Hoyt’s A Greatest Generation Autobiography, the story of his life recalling memories that pre-date the Great Depression and World War II, will now be available for future generations to learn from and enjoy. On Friday, Hoyt and his son, David, visited Union High School to present a copy to the school that will become a permanent part of the media center collection.
The 170 page book begins with Hoyt’s earliest recollections, which date back to 1925. Following his graduation from high school in 1939, Hoyt enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps a year later, the branch of service that would ultimately become the United States Air Force.
Hoyt devotes several chapters to the time spent serving his country, including his deployment to Europe during World War II. He also shares the story of the courtship of his wife Gwen, and reveals an interesting fact about the wedding party that gathered on May 26, 1945:
“…the subject quickly became setting our wedding date plus all the details connected with it. One problem was to find someone to be “best man” plus 3 groomsmen. There was an acute shortage of men. As a result, neither Gwen nor I knew the young man chosen as the best man, and I didn’t know any of the 3 groomsmen.”
The Hoyts were blessed with three children and Oren writes about many of the family’s camping adventures that have taken them to nearly every state in the contiguous 48 states.
A Greatest Generation Autobiography offers a very personal look at what life was like for a young man growing up in the 1930s and serving his country in World War II before returning to his Iowa roots to raise a family. The book is still available for sale to the general public for $35, which includes shipping and handling. To order, send a check to: David Hoyt, 360 Dix Creek Road 1, Unit 2, Leicester, NC 28748.


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