2016 La Porte City Woman of the Year

The La Porte City Women’s Club Woman of the Year Award is presented each year to a woman with personal or professional achievements, accomplishments or community contributions that inspire, empower and make a difference in the La Porte City Community.  The award is presented annually during the city’s Festival of Trails Celebration. Since 2008, recipients have included Dee Hutton (2008), Vi Neil (2009), Elaine Lee (2010), Oleen Arenholz (2011), Michelle Bush (2012), Barb Bader (2013), Ann Starr (2014) and Jolene Kronschnabel (2015).
The Women’s Club is currently accepting nominations for the 2016 Woman of the Year Award. The deadline for submitting a nomination is May 31, 2016. Nomination forms are available at the office of LPC Connect, located at 306 Main Street.
Nominations may also be submitted online using the form below. Please note: Nominations submitted online are forwarded directly to members of the Woman of the Year selection committee, not The Progress Review, which makes online nominations for the Woman of the Year Award available as a community service.
If you are human, leave this field blank.2016 Woman of the YearNominee\'s Full Name: *What makes this woman a candidate for Woman of the Year? *How has her life had impact? *What impact has she had on you? *What are three words you would use to describe her and why? *Any other information you would like to share? *Your name: *Your Phone Number *Submit